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  1. Rename the Centenary Suite to " The Cup Winners Suite" with memorabilia from 2014 and 2021 on display.
  2. So it's a battle in the next round between the only two teams who can do the double. Incentive enough for both. Saints will have to be at their best as Rangers will up their game to try and beat the only cup winners this year so far.
  3. Bringing him on for penalty shoot out!!!
  4. Randoom The topic was contract extensions so no danger of clubs hanging around swooping unless they meet our transfer fee figure. No need for club to allow to drag on at expense of signing/releasing other out of contract players.
  5. No you miss the point - a verbal agreement is just that an agreement not a contract.
  6. If contract is not signed then the offer would become time expired. In Scots Law: " A contract is an agreement which creates or is intended to create a legal obligation between both parties, thus not all agreements are contracts" Verbally saying yes but want small changes is a counter offer and not agreeing to the contract offered. Unless signed contract it is still just an offer. It is very easy to dream up scenarios but as I have said not signed no contract.
  7. It's all down to timing. If you were to offer extensions to these three on highest wages then you have a time limit on offer which expires before you decide on the players you are considering sacrificing. Then if knocked back you reconsider what you are doing with out of contract players.
  8. Agree that CD seems to rate Kane however he has recently changed agent (same one As Melamed) so that could make getting a deal done a bit more difficult. May is a concern. CD stated he wanted May to get back to striking for goal at every opportunity. This is not happening and in fact he seems a bit shot shy. Is that the reason he is not a certain starter in games? For me if he is a top earner then not value for money and therefore can go. Melamed try to retain and spend savings from May leaving on him. In all cases depends interest from elsewhere. Bring in a forward(s) who can play as one up front and score goals . As not privy to CD's contact list do not know if he has targets lined up or if indeed he is happy enough with our current forwards to offer them deals. What is said in press and what he actually thinks could be two different things. In the end if all three move on then others are brought in. Not be the first time and certainly better strikers than them all have left Saints in the past. Important thing in all deals is to get them over the line early on and not our usual last week/day of window.
  9. Surely it is more a question of can we meet their demands and/or what level of budget CD wants to spend on them individually.
  10. Of which only one is contracted passed the end of this season.
  11. By my reckoning we have only scored 8 goals at home in the league which is obviously a concern. I also read in the Courier Jim Spence article that he had had a chat with Geoff Brown at Dens last week and Geoff was concerned about the ongoing effect of covid in that people will have got out of the way of going to football by the time supporters are allowed back in to grounds and that clubs will have to come up with creative ways to entice them in. No sense in being creative in other ways if we cannot play a system or have the players who can play the system and score goals. Do not see any of our current forwards who are "one up front" goalscorers. At home we need to change system to suit what we have or in the transfer window bring in players who will score in the current system. 8 goals at home is not an incentive to get bums on seats.
  12. Needing a goal scorer - take a punt on Todorov at Inverness Caley.
  13. Bad week for us Kirsten leaves and beaten by the Sheep.
  14. your posts of late have not been that bad that you need disciplined.