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  1. Agree but what if some people do not have internet or their internet speed is slow and does not make viewing an option, they have paid for a service they cannot get?
  2. Scott contact Bev SLO and I am sure she will be able to get it sorted for you.
  3. Thanks.....would assume that start number was 10001 then.
  4. What was your order number?
  5. It worked through twitter link at 12.02 and input was easy. Order confirmation right away but no indication of how many tickets had been sold before yours which I would have thought would have been necessary if crowd limited as was suggested on website.
  6. Good point and does not appear that the club have thought that multiple season ticket holders in the one house do not need individual saints tv offers. Maybe Bev SLO should take up on behalf of supporters before 1st July
  7. Probably waiting until fans allowed back in ground. Would be a bit harsh charging for a parking space when you are sitting in your house watching matches on Saints TV
  8. No way would TW go to United............respect for Saints fans would mean a no never mind a cushy number as NI Boss where he can stay at home with the wife and travel to see players/matches/
  9. Was told today by a guy with United connections that Alan "Biscuits" Preston knew on Thursday that Neilsen was going to Hearts, His comment was along the line that there would be a managerial move at the weekend that would surprise/shock a few people.
  10. Maybe Neilsen is the deal....... Hearts " we will drop our demands and let you stay up United if we get Robbie"
  11. Clelland remains in place.
  12. Steve Mclean to be announced on Monday as coach and Maybury gone/punted. Bit more balance to the coaching team now rather than all defenders. Expect Mclean and Liam Craig to look after 20's.
  13. Best wait until he has had his wages cut.
  14. Remind me again where our Suggested favourite for next manager is currently Assistant Manager!!!!!
  15. Is he going to be the choir until supporters are aloud in?