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  1. Bryson was also showing stupidity - on a booking and went in for a tackle like that just as half was ending. Cost us the points and let everyone down. Hope he was fined the max.
  2. Eetu at least he tried. The rest - they were just very trying.
  3. Well that was a load of crap tonight. As others have said mid field was not there - not one of them . Craig/Davidson ineffective, MacPherson and Crawford loans should be terminated in January and bring back our own youngsters - they cannot be any worse. Seems to be a lack of togetherness in the team - do not know if that is down to contract negotiations or want away players but there is something wrong. Taking Eetu off was wrong decision and the 600+ Saints supporters let Davidson know. Time for Calum to take the blinkers off regarding some players he is picking and start to earn his corn.
  4. Best to contact Dan at Fair City Saints on Banter page as he organised that bus.
  5. Agree. All they have to do is have a ticket office open to buy both home or away tickets to punters who decide on the day to go to the match. Also crap that Dundee cannot have online ticketing for all supporters where away fans can pay and download ticket without having to contact Saints for a ticket and get posted or collected from McD.
  6. Well what can we say about today. Bryson for a man of his experience should not be making the second bookable tackle just before the break. Hope he gets as big a fine as possible because he cost us the game. Ali Crawford is ineffective - never tackles does not burst a gut to get into a 50/50 and jogs around to try and shadow opposition. With 10 men we were up against it the whole of the second half and all Hibs subs were attacking hence how towards the end of the match we were breached twice. Do not understand why Liam Craig was not put on. Wednesday night now a 6 pointer but need to have Kane and Eetu both starting along with Viv who looked like he could do something for us.
  7. Ah but a successful defence of our Scottish Cup would still mean European Football - again Abernethy.
  8. Went for Kane because of his workload but close thing with Brown.
  9. Wish people would give young Etu a break. At one point tonight he created space for himself and got a left footed shot away. Maybe not the strongest shot but at least it made Hart save it. Hopefully with Kane suspended for Hibs match then Etu can be on form the start and then we can see what he has to offer rather than a 10 minute sub appearance.
  10. Robust but fair tackle on Tanser early doors and you will not see him rest of match.
  11. Craig Bryson was very good however Zander was magnificent. If Steve Clark ignores him for a call up in favour of a goalie who let in 6 yesterday and a reserve keeper who on two occasions he played for his first team should have been sent off, then we know its because of what club Zander is playing for.
  12. Clepington Road closed so would try Dura Street car park or Dundonald Street area and walk up to park.
  13. Tend to disagree as at any minutes silence or applause the key indicator to the referee is the terminology "Will start and end as indicated by Ref's whistle". So McLean even f**ked that up.
  14. On the positive at least we were not as crap as Man U today.