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  1. Definitely a point gained. A decent first half but second half was laboured, midfield chasing shadows for long spells. Some of the refereeing decisions were awful though. Can we please have a striker?! Ross Co have scored the same amount of goals in two games as we have in 11!
  2. The sooner Gordon is fit again the better. Defence an utter shambles. Where's Etu?! FFS
  3. jez1971


    Absolute farce, Zander better than both. That's me done, Clarke is an absolute clown. Should have been shown the door after the Euros
  4. Nothing to fear there. Get in about them! Hopefully Hibs will do us a turn in the other semi so we can school them again at Hampden
  5. jez1971


    Delighted for him. Well deserved. How Jason didn't get a call up is mystifying. Jack Hendry FFS!
  6. Another McCann masterclass. What a player.
  7. Huge 45 mins ahead. McCann to score the winner in the last 10!!
  8. Fantastic result, proud of the players. Some outstanding performances; quite how Kerr doesn't seem to be in contention for a Scotland call up is beyond me.
  9. jez1971


    As said before, midfield non-existent. Pressed for about 10 mins at the start and then just stood off them and let them dictate the pace of the game. This game and the one against the Czechs just highlighted Clarke's tactical ineptitude. Dykes should be nowhere near a starting lineup ever again. Utterly useless.
  10. What a way to celebrate my 50th birthday tomorrow. Even better when I'm staying in Leith tonight!
  11. What a great season Booth has had, never lets us down when selected and played a blinder again today.
  12. jez1971

    Scottish Cup

    Nothing to fear, we're playing well and have a team spirit that's second to none. As for Hibs magnificent strike force, they didn't do much at Hampden the last time they played there! Also think that our achievement last night hasn't had the full respect it deserves from certain areas of the media. The sheer cohones of our team to force the game into ET and then penalties can't be understated. Love the journey we're on just now.
  13. Not forgetting Guy's winner at Dens and that fat mess Adam's missed penalty, both at a normally bouncing away end!
  14. One that the SFA let get away.
  15. Correct. The untouchable, lord of the unwashed. Nice to see the bbc's usual unbiased news feed, snide remarks about us.