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  1. Actually "tun" usually refers to the area between a collection of houses. The English "town" has the same origin
  2. Interviews from, if anyone's interested: Just like had warned in advance, St. Johnstone scored with their first chance against Rosenborg. Both Odd and Crusaders have in recent matches gotten easy goals against RBK. Tonight Frazer Wright was allowed to run free and tap in a corner already after 18 minutes. It was decisive. - It's completely unnecessary. Firstly we give away that corner a bit too easily. It's a long ball that I think we should have had more control of. But St. Johnstone getting a corner against Rosenborg at Lerkendal is no sensation, Per Joar Hansen comments to - Then we're a bit unlucky: There's a lot of people in there. But the opposition scoring on a set piece can happen. - What do you think about RBK's own play? - In the first half we're disappointed that we can't create more. We were able to create more from the 50th to the 70th minute. It's slightly incredible that we weren't able to score then. - But then you didn't manage to put on a final sprint? - When we were unable to score on our 4-5 great chances, the match died out a bit. They were very low, and are good at defending: They have strong centre backs to head the ball away. We knew about that, but we didn't get the tempo and passing precicion we needed in the final third the last fifteen minutes. That kept us from creating any big chances. - What do you think about the prospect for the return leg? - Now we've played one "half". We can't get depressed because we lost 0-1 at home. In the second half we see the potential in turning the tie around. We have to keep the faith, and go over ther with that goal. - If we do the same as we did in our good period, I'm certain we'll create chances. And then we know we'll score. - First awaits a weekend off. - That will be good. We're taking the weekend off, so they'll get some breathing space. The players deserve that. They've done a great job throughout July, and now they can get away and recharge for a bit. Then there will be some good training sessions Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so that we get a good run in before we leave for Scotland. Stefan Strandberg and Rosenborg gave themselves a difficult task ahead of the return leg against St. Johnstone. - The first half was really poor, I think. Still we have good control. They don't create many chances, but score a really easy goal. It's the kind of thing that can happen, says Strandberg to - What happens at the corner kick? - The cross is extended with a header at the near post, then someone loses their marking, and gets in at the far post. It's impossible to be completely guarded from that kind of thing. - In the second half I think we're running the match completely. We have some great chances. It's poor of us not to score against this team. - You weren't able to create the same big chances towards the end? - I think we put pressure on them all the way. Perhaps we didn't create so big chances the final 20 minutes, but they have their players at 30 meters and inwards. It's poor of us not to put away the chances we get, but you can never guard yourself against such things. - You feel that effectivity is the problem? - We're clearly the best team. We have the most of the ball, and create the biggest chances, but they score goals, and we don't. Then they win 1-0. - What do you think ahead of the return leg? - It's not the best position we could have had, but there's still a fight. We could easily beat this team away from home. - What must be improved for that to happen? - If we run over them as much as we did today, I'm sure we'll score. But we can't just talk about it, we have to do it as well. - How big is the difference between home and away matches in Europe? - Much bigger than what people think. You could see it last year: Even though we only got 2-2 at home against Ordabasy, we felt they played like a mid-table division 1 side. When we met them away, they were a very good team. So there's a big, big difference. But anyway I believe we can beat St. Johnstone. Alexander Søderlund came on and came close to equalising, but had to see his Rosenborg debut end with a loss. - We don't hit with the final pass in front of goal. We're not precise enough there. We have a lot of possession, and control the second half, at least. The play is towards one goal, so it's a shame we can't score, thinks Søderlund. - You also failed. - I had one I could have scored on, so that was a shame. I was hindered right when I finished. But that's the way it is. - There weren't many chances after that. - I don't really know what happened, if people got tired, or what it is. We didn't get to big chances. We had the ball a lot, and got to the final third. Then the final pass wasn't good enough. We have to practice that. - You needed a half to really get going. - It's below par, of course. But I think we play better in the second half. We do the things we're supposed to, except scoring goals. - We cannot do anything but pull up our sleeves and come back strongly. We can beat this team away. I don't doubt that. - What are you going to do better then? - We must try to get to chances - and put them away. That's what football's about. We have to be a bit more lethal in front of goal, and have a bit better assists. - And you must start the match? - Yes, I hope so, of course!
  3. I may be seething, but not utterly Just a tiny bit. There's no doubting we deserved to lose on the night, but we also have the potential to play much better than we did yesterday, and I'm hoping we're able to raise our game next week
  4. I wasn't at the stadium today, but I wouldn't be surprised if you are the most vocal visiting supporters we've had this year.
  5. The home supporters are in a better position for the sound to spread across the stadium, near the roof of a stand, but its hard to say how it affects the sound on TV, as I know nothing about microphone placement or the sound mixing utilised. Since i did hear the away supporters over the home supporters from time to time, I must assume the mixing wasn't all that biased. It's similar to the sets of supporters in Norway who have chosen to adopt a more British supporter culture, in that the highs are very impressive, but there are more frequent silent streaks in between, whereas Kjernen/UN have people working incredibly hard to avoid those, and maintaining a constant noise level.
  6. They were somewhat disappointing given that they seemed to outnumber the singing home supporters in the upper east stand (I read that 109 tickets had been sold yesterday or early today). They easily beat the home supporters on volume the few times they really seemed to try, mainly whenever Saints won a corner in the second half. But lots of deserved credit to Kjernen, who have been doing a great job this year, never seeming to tire, even when they are few in numbers and the team is putting on a dire performance, like today! It's all down to different supporter cultures, I guess. Kjernen have chosen to adopt an southern/eastern European style, where a smaller number of supporters put in an incredible effort, rather than the British style, where the atmosphere is spread somewhat more evenly around, and is less organized. You still brought an impressive amount of supporters, and from what I've heard, they've been a credit to you all (I'm not in town myself).
  7. In more positive Norwegian European cup news, the mid-table second tier side that won the Norwegian cup last year have won their first ever European cup tie today, making this defeat slightly more embarrassing.
  8. That's not right, though, as scoring two goals away would give us two away goals, against your one. (If this match was in Scotland, you would have been right)
  9. Rosenborg coming to Scotland and having to win makes for a potentially exiting match. Looking forward to it!
  10. Laget har dessverre bare vært bra i perioder denne sesongen. Og det har ikke vært noen sånne perioder i denne kampen. Vi har vel kommet mer inn i det etter hvert som St. Johnstone-spillerne blir slitne.
  11. Alexander Søderlund, who came on, is a Norwegian international. And it's his debut for Rosenborg.