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  1. well, that was it. good luck on your european campaign.
  2. well, no. I don't think he ment it like that. just that you was a nice bunch of happy people
  3. was at the Three Lions bar for a beer last night and the manager was there, he said that you drank over 2000 glasses of 0.5 beers in two nights and there was no trouble at all. He loved you!
  4. and about the game, your players played with the heart. my friend right besides me on the stand said to me in the second half : ''why the **** did we have to meet 11 william wallaces'' our players... well.. feck 'em.
  5. against boavista from portugal i champions league the stadium was sold out. aigainst Athletico Madrid is was about..ehm.. 10-12 000. People are weird. (But i Champions League people had to buy tickets to all the 3 games) Early stage and in a fact, everyone are expecting thats a easy win i'm afraid. If we'd met you in the last round, more people would have been there. Apart from Legia Warsaw, FC Copenhagen and AIK Stockholm you brought the biggest away crowd ever seen at Lerkendal for a qualify. Thumbs up for that. hope you enjoyed our local beer. And for that guy wanting to change shirts with me at the piano bar after the game, i'm sorry i declined, (my shirt aren't possible to get anymore so sorry for that)
  6. Hope you had a nice stay. Was at downtown last night and that place was crowded (mostly you guys) it looked like you enjoyed the beer price there, and i think that the piano-woman had her time of her life
  7. https://www.facebook.com/antikvarene - this place. lays near the old town brigde, they got every little beer-brand from every little farm-brewery around (lots of ipa, stout etc)
  8. If someone is in Trondheim already on tuesday, there's a bar called 'Raus' got 50% on cocktails. Somone asked about the prizes at Brukbar further up her, about the same here to, but you should know that football shirts is not allowed here. Some Crusaderfans which was here last week fell in love with a bar area called 'solsiden' (5 min walk from Three Lions) But here's the beer even more expensive. (But one bar at 'Solsiden' called 'Barmuda' got Cava for 150 Norwegian kroner) Shitty weather in Trondheim now, so i'll doubt you'll enjoy 'solsiden' so much. - and yeah, most of the singing Rosenborg-fans will just suddenly appear on the stadium (Own pub up on our stand). easiest way to get thumbs up in Trondheim is just to say ''I HATE MOLDE!'' A short film about our city: If you have time to do som sights i would really recommend that you visit our cathedral Nidarosdomen. (i'm going out for beers on wednesday so if i'll meet you i'll probably give you an offer to be guided around on thursday if anyone is interested) Welcome to Trondheim
  9. beer is usually served in 0,4L or 0,5L. £7-£8 for a 0,5 all over the city. £1,5-£2 for 0,33L bottles at the supermarket. If you gather in some park or something, the police will most likely leave you alone, as long as you don't annoy anyone. (Not at the town square though, but in the parks) In the evening: For you coming early, Bar Circus got beer (0,4L) for £3,5 (Opening hours is 8-2) (musictype here is rock) Thursdays and fridays a nightclub called Downtown got 0,4L beer for £2,5 (opening hours 10-02) (music here is piano / club music (several floors) ) Please note that Downtown (and maybe circus) don't allow footballshirts.
  10. ---- Nah, guess around 20-30. only a few travels to all the europefixtures and i think that many are waiting to see if we'll reach the EL-stage. many travelers are in that time stuck in spain with wife and kids and so on to. Last year we where about 10 singing supporters and 20 sponsors in Belfast, 7 singing supporters in Geneve and in Leverkusen we was uhm.. 4-500 supporters. so it varies.
  11. We actually got a aquavit-bar here with only aquavite in the bar. (http://www.carljohan.no/pages/erich_cristians_skjenkestue.html) I found cheap flights Trondheim - Bergen - Aberdeen for the tie in scotland, so maybe you'll find the same the other way. The citys touristsite: http://www.visit-trondheim.com/en/tourist/ Many Vikings used to travel from the region where Trondheim lies, maybe we're all related. The stadium is whitin walking distance from the city centre. Some clubs got cheap beer in the weekdays ($2-£3) I'll have to stop now before i jinx the crusader-match too much.