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  1. Swap deal for next season? Matty returns
  2. Been loads of them this season right enough.
  3. jhq

    TV Games

    Not on TV. Mutual agreement by the clubs.
  4. Why the end of the season? You can see now if you watch the matches.
  5. He's made some cracking passes. The one for Stevie May at Hamilton to set up Conway's goal was quality. And there have been others. He was very good against Celtic too.
  6. Based purely on his performances for Saints, I couldn't agree more. Think Cagey may have some preconceptions about the lad.
  7. Why Craig for Bryson? Bryson was good against Celtic.
  8. Not sure Pelosi tried to injure anyone. He did try to kill Jim Brown though.
  9. Yeah, really hard to pick one to be fair.
  10. Mikey didn't react because he was doubled up in pain.
  11. Brown should have been sent off. Christie and Griffiths should have been booked. Four of Saints were clear yellows, Kane's was soft.
  12. Couldn't be any more conclusive mate.
  13. Unfortunately there probably hasn't been a more uncertain time re budgets etc since we we fulltime in 1990. I don't envy Steve Brown just now. We will surely lose McCann at some point. Just hope we get decent money for him.
  14. I'd have voted for Stevie until he gave the ball away for their goal. Thought McCart was excellent.