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  1. Apologies, didn't read the goals per minute thing properly. Rightly or wrongly though the media will compare players who play in the same league. I was actually agreeing with you about May's performances in the rest of my post. Stevie is doing a good job for the team, but shouldn't be judged purely on goals these days.
  2. They're playing in the same league. Comparing them is absolutely fair. The team as a whole needs to be scoring more, not just Stevie May. Stevie is playing well, is contributing a lot and shouldn't be judged purely on goals.
  3. It's one of two competitions we have a chance of winning. Never be a waste of time in my eyes.
  4. I don't think you ever relax Cagey
  5. Need him as a squad player. Doubt we can get anyone better in the current climate.
  6. Wouldn't be taking Peterhead too lightly. They will go into the weekend on nine points if they beat Kelty tomorrow.
  7. I'm fully aware of the respective league positions. Truth be told we have underperformed for most of the season in an attacking sense and Saturday was a great example of that. The game finishing goalless was far more down to our poor performance in the final third than it was to any good defending from United. It's pretty poor not to be able to score against a defence containing Connolly and Reynolds tbh. I can understand your optimism that your team will get better, but currently they are not "good".
  8. A hard choice (for good reasons), but went for Jamie McCart. Looked a bit ropey v Accies but was back to his best yesterday.
  9. I'd agree with most of that apart from your view that United are a good side - they're not.
  10. "There is no reason " Gives a reason.
  11. Spoony was right, MOH left. When Croft came on, he went to the right, May to the left and Spoony dropped into midfield to make a three. Spoony was replaced by Gary Macdonald a few minutes later. Tommy had also done this in the Semi, but without changing personnel initially - after half-time Spoony dropped deeper to make a 3, May went to the left and MOH went to the right. No subs were made in the semi till the last couple of minutes when Cregg came on for MOH, with Spoony reverting to the right. Both matches are still available on YouTube.
  12. Spoony played on the right in the Cup final. Tanser is a superb crosser of the ball and should be encouraged to overlap.