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  1. Not sure how his club being in administration affects a player's ability tbh.
  2. To be fair Foster never actually said much, but he's quite happy for his missus to spout lies.
  3. He did and so did Saints from him. Wright was a superb player, should have played for Scotland.
  4. Trade apparently agreed to sign a new contract. but had a change of heart when offered better terms to go abroad (Romania I think). Don't think wee Nigel was offered a new deal which was a real shame.
  5. It means to defend Malky Mackay's blatant and repeated racism you must be Malky Mackay.
  6. jhq

    New Manager

    I'd like Macca to register as a player just to come on for the last two minutes when we're 2-0 up v United
  7. Aye, Richard is worth believing right enough
  8. jhq

    New Manager

    Dave Mackay admitted that it was Murray who preferred Saints to Dundee because he felt we were the more stable club. Chatting to Dave at his testimonial he did mention haggling with Stewart Duff over 50 quid a week.
  9. jhq

    New Manager

    Except that's not what was said.
  10. jhq

    New Manager

    Peter Grant