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  1. When was the last time we announced a signing by hanging him on a coat hanger?
  2. jhq

    Season tickets

    Not sure it's for you to tell people what to do with their money. Some people's priorities will have changed massively due to Covid.
  3. jhq

    2021/22 fixtures.

    There won't be away fans allowed.
  4. Well done on being negative without even trying, good job.
  5. Who's forcing you to discuss it?
  6. Tommy had more sustained success than Willie. Tommy won the Cup in his first season, just like Callum.
  7. Injury didn't stop Davidson going to Ibrox. Their shitty offer and impending death did.
  8. They'll have to be out of contract in the summer. Saints won't be paying transfer fees.
  9. No, no-one will sign if they think they may be on the bench. We will have to run with a squad of 11.
  10. Got to say that comms/PR from the club has been excellent this season. Return of Ross has clearly made a difference. Guess some folk need to have their wee digs though. Congratulations to the manager, well deserved.
  11. Don't think we should be signing players if they can't play 90 minutes.
  12. I'd rather the club wasn't reliant on bale-outs from directors.
  13. If you mean by splurging cash then you're wrong. We should not risk the future of the club.