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  1. Was this thread not meant to be about THE Rangers news? I was stunned to see that the 1st edition is available on E Bay for as little as five of The Queens finest pound notes. It,s a collectors piece..
  2. And yet you still reply. Ever get the feeling you are being played like a fiddle?
  3. Must be great to have such a vivid imagination.
  4. The Glory of the Rangers lies not in never failing, but in returning stronger than ever before due to the challenges over-come. We learn from our past. We cherish our grand story. Our founders, just young lads, set the standards by which the Rangers exist to-day; hard-work, determination, loyalty and, above all else, the inherent desire to make Rangers FC the premier club of this fine country. Our greatest days lie ahead, and nothing can stop this Old Club from achieving its goals when all look forward with the same ambition. March on, Rangers! For every-day we make history. And a glorious history it is."
  5. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Its-All-About-the-Rangers/dp/B00C8DA4R6
  6. the wives of celtic fans used to send me letters thanking me for sending their husbands home early --- Jim Baxter
  7. The dug that ran on the park that night put up a better show than St Johnstone.
  8. Don,t you think I do enough extracting on here mon ami?
  9. I think if someone had suggested a game of " prickly goolies " then i would have started to worry
  10. Another new one on me.
  11. Dado Prso (Monaco) "The atmosphere was incomparable, and I had goosebumps throughout the match," he said of the 2-2 draw, despite spending the first 56 minutes on the bench. Since then, I have never experienced anything as intense in any of the other European stadia I've played football in. Rangers are the club I needed to join. They are a club in my own image, and their ambitions are on the same level as my own."
  12. What did you call them when you were a laddie?
  13. Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Barcelona) "It is not just made up that players can suffer from an intimidating atmosphere when they play at visiting grounds. "I know from Ruud (Ruud van Nistelrooy) that when we beat PSV at Ibrox in the Champions League he thought it was very frightening. He said it was one of the most atmospheric matches he had ever experienced - and now he has to face it again. For him to come back to Ibrox it will be the same experience. "I know that Manchester United's players face all the biggest games and full stadiums everywhere, but I think most of them will find this Wednesday night at Ibrox a really different atmosphere. "I've played in England and I don't think that any stadium in the Premiership can compare with Ibrox for its intimidating atmosphere - it is far above them."
  14. Beaten but not disgraced. Hard lines The sons Of........
  15. Seriously, I love that kind of fantastic nonsense. Was this thread not about that lot though? Try to stay on topic please, difficult though it may be.