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  1. The Europa League is considered a B-cup through most of Europe. And after playing in the Champions League 11 times in 13 years playing in the B-cup isn't considered interesting enough. We used to meet Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Inter Milan and so on every year. Meeting Rapid Vienna, Metalist Kharkiv or Bayer Leverkusen doesn't then create the massive interest anymore. But as I've said. The Europa League has problems through whole Europe. The decisive round of 16 match between Inter Milan and Tottenham in February barely drew 18 000 people to the stands. That would have been 70 000+ if the competition was Champions League. Champions League matches was always sold out on Lerkendal. And the qualifying matches usually drew 10 000+ to the stands. Back in 2007 there was 14 123 spectators against Finish team Tampere United even after winning 3-0 in the first leg in Finland.
  2. Football is the biggest sport in terms of people playing it. But unlike in Scotland, football got big competition from other sports when it comes to interest and hence also sponsor and media money. Mainly winter sports. But It's still the biggest. Also, Norwegian football fans tends to be very anglophile. And about 80 000 Norwegians travel to England every year to watch matches. This has to do with our history. The state TV-channel NRK, which was the only TV-channel until 1987, started sending English league matches every Saturday in 1969 and that didn't stop until 1999. Norwegian league matches wasn't sent live on TV until the late 80's. Also, in the 90's there was a lot of Norwegians playing in the Premier League. While the Norwegian league was kind of boring with Rosenborg winning it 13 years in a row from 1992 to 2004. So it wasn't to hard for a young Norwegian to become more interested in English football than Norwegian football. The English supporter clubs of Norway has over 100 000 members. While Norwegian supporter clubs barely has 25 000 members.
  3. Nope. I'm still a student and don't have the money for traveling to away matches yet. Working all summer to make some money to make it through the last winter of studying with out taking up more student loans.
  4. Being a Rosenborg fan I'm familiar with that kind of complaining. I'm sure the TV-companies of Scotland, like the TV-companies of Norway primarily is interested in earning the most money. And Hibs being the far most popular team of the two, i understand that choice.
  5. Well, that's our style. The people of Trøndelag is known for being very calm in their personality. We celebrate for our self. And don't feel the big need to express our feelings verbally of visually. It has to be something really extra ordinary to get the people of Trøndelag celebrating. Even when we eliminated AC Milan on San Siro and advanced to the quarter finals in CL 96-97 there was barely a couple hundred welcoming the team at the airport.
  6. Norwegians don't have a drinking culture around football matches. It's even illegal to sell beer at the stadium during matches. We go to the stadium, see the match and go home again. And in Trondheim even winning the league is barely celebrated for more than 20-30 minutes at the stadium.. Maybe a couple of hundreds go out to party. The rest goes home.
  7. This match reminds me much of our only home loss in the league this season. 0-1 against Sandnes Ulf after an early goal for them. And then you, like them focused on counter attacks. A smart tactic as Rosenborg has problems playing against teams that stay extremely low. But doesn't really make you look like a great team. Given tonight's performance, I will be incredible disappointed should we be eliminated by you guys. However, I expect you to be better and a more attack minded team at home. And that will probably suit Rosenborg better as well. Anyone know if there will be stream available?
  8. It will be available at that link when the match starts. No need to download fishy files. Just click away the adds an you're good.
  9. The match will be streamed here. http://www.coolsport.tv/stream16.html
  10. Airport Express Coach marked "Flybussen" leaves from the city square at 03:05. Then you're at the Airport 03:52.
  11. You can register one player as late as 24 hours before the first match starts.
  12.   That's text only. You're better off with UEFA.com then. Not known if it will be sent on TV or not yet. So there's a chance there won't be a stream at all.
  13. For those getting burgers. I recommend stopping by the big red building you see on the Marinen picture. The Sesam burger store is known for having one of the best burgers in Norway.
  14. No way in hell this match will be sold out so you know that. my guess will be 5-6000 spectators.
  15. Most likely the police would ask you to go somewhere else. In general they don't like big groups like that on the city square. If I were you I'd either stick at a pub or find one of the parks to crash.
  16. The match will be sent on the local newspapers site Adressa.no. But I have no clue if there will be a geoblock or not.
  17. Then you're better of taking one of the buses. That's if your'e lazy like me. I live about one hour outside the city. With limited ways to get home should I take a glass or two. If I lived in the city I would love to take a glass or two and have a chat. But won't have the possibility sadly.
  18. Rosenborg was founded by some teenagers as SK Odd in 1917 named after Odd BK of Skien who was the dominating team in Norway at that time. When SK Odd wanted to join the NFF in 1927, NFF decided that they didn't want two clubs with the same name. And forced SK Odd to change name. They took the name Rosenborg after the part of town where the founders grew up and club was founded. As a short fun fact, Rosenborg won it's first title in 1960 beating their former idols Odd BK in the cup final. So in short, Rosenborg is an area in Trondheim.
  19. They'll order you to stop drinking and pour out any open bottles. And that's it. No fine, and no jail. You have to be very drunk before the police take you in.
  20. The Airport Express Coach is supposed to have a bus going at every arrival. But when I search on their homepage I get no results. So I won't guarantee you that there's a bus going then. If you send an email to trondelag@nettbuss.no they'll have the answer. If not I would book a taxibus sending an email to this address. torturbuss@gmail.com According to their homepage it costs 1095 NOK for 5-8 people at that time of night. It's a set price from the airport to anywhere in the city centre.
  21. No problem finding a hotel at Gardermoen. There's 12 hotels in the area around Gardermoen. Two of them are only 1-200 meters from the terminal. But is on the other hand the most expensive ones. But there's a shuttle bus service going to and from the other hotels. There are four different shuttle bus routes. S22: OSL – Rica Hotel - Thon Hotel Gardermoen (Budget) – Thon Hotel Oslo Airport (Conference) – Quality Airport Hotel S33: OSL - Gardermoen Parking - Best Western Hotel Oslo Airport S44: OSL - Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport - Comfort Hotel RunWay - Airport Motel & Appartment S55: OSL - Gardermoen Airport Hotel - Scandic Airport Hotel Ticket costs 70 NOK each way. And then there's Radisson Blu Airport Hotel and Park Inn Oslo Airport within 200 meters from the terminal. But as stated earlier, the most expensive ones as well.
  22. @dave mc: Forget everything I've said. Didn't know there was another hotel named P Hotel in Trondheim now. If you're staying at P Hotels Brattøra as I think you are, then your'e better off stepping off at the central station. The Airport Express Coach marked "Flybussen" stops at the central station as well. But the other one, Værnes Express, don't. So if your timing is right and you arrive just before a train leaves the airport. Then you'll be better of taking the train as Flybussen takes about 15 minutes longer.
  23. Norwegians generally don't talk to strangers unless drunk. So don't expect to much.
  24. Both airport buses will take you closer to your hotel. Both has a stop at the Best Western Chesterfield Hotel just 150 meters from P Hotel. Just so you know. :-) For those wondering what the P stands for. The P's
  25. Yes. At least time wise. Route Take north on E6. On the northern exit of Moss you'll see signs to E18 Horten as well as a ferry sign. Ferry leaves every 15 minutes and costs 107 NOK for car and driver. And an additional 37 NOK for every passenger. Once you leave the ferry follow signs to E18. Go south once you reach E18 and you'll see sign to Torp after about 25 km.