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  1. Nice little vid of the season thus far.
  2. Godset won 6-1 so we are still 2 points ahead. Play them away 2 weeks from now, should be an exciting game. Highlights
  3. If there's any interest... Just beat Brann 4-1 away. A team that had won every single home match thus far. Conceded a goal in stoppage time, ours scored by Bille (#9), Jensen (#7), Søderlund (#15) and Chibuike (#10). Great result and an impressive performance, if only the players had showed the same amount of effort last Thursday.
  4. I think this was the case for us last year. Had to charter a plane to far east in Kazakhstan, finances were negative until the 3rd or 4th round if I'm not mistaken.
  5. Do you consider yourselves favorites for this round?
  6. Good post. If I remember correctly this all started when discussing what your club can or cannot afford. The point I'm trying to make is that despite the smoke, I still think that overall they are a benefit to the club financially as well, with or without pyro. Whilst the win is huge for you I'm sure, the high will end and I can't imagine you'll have 7-8000 at every game? Here in Trondheim there are many people who choose to go to the stadium instead of watching it on TV, simply because of the atmosphere we create at our stand. Over a season, that will be quite a big sum for the club because of the influence the most passionate have on the rest. I think the same thing can happen in Perth and when you look at the positives and negatives, these lads will not have been a burden to the club's finances.
  7. Part of it yeah, perhaps I should have elaborated a bit more now that I read it again. I can do that. Loved Scotland and talked to some very friendly people but after first leg when I mentioned the match and the differences between the two clubs, it didn't go down too well with some. Of course I can, but I'd prefer not to get the response I did back then.
  8. If you read my post #174 and then your response I believe you left a key point of mine out, therefore I didn't see any point in continuing. Think it's better if I don't tbh.
  9. I've kept quiet concerning the game, thought that would be welcomed? This topic concerns your club's fans and I don't see it as problematic that I take part in the discussion at all. You were the one who disregarded my arguments and didn't want to take the debate. Instead you tried to make me look like the ignorant one. No matter what one's opinion is, that's a big minus in my book.
  10. Were you the old guy in the pink pique a few rows below us? Your avatar has the same grin as him and I imagine your IQs match up as well.
  11. And you mine I reckon. I explained myself fairly well in my previous post, don't see the point in repeating it.
  12. I'm sure there were loads of people who loved the atmosphere they created and will be coming back as a result. Plenty of money to the club there. Not to mention the effect it has on the players. I agree the smoke didn't do much but that was due to bad planning and execution. Anyway, even for those who share your view, I'd say the positives outweigh the negative. Thereby my suggestion to appreciate their effort rather than condemn.
  13. The atmosphere and commitment by those lads is worth a lot more than a fine. I'd appreciate that if I were you.