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  1. Health and happiness come first, the rest are optional extras.
  2. A game of football is no more important than a game of Call of Duty.
  3. I think that if you are consuming it with any degree of seriousness then you are a bit deluded. I'd say the same thing about EastEnders though, such is life.
  4. It renders the whole idea of sporting competition completely pointless --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the end of the day if you see it as anything but pointless I'd be worried.
  5. 2 types of people in this world my dear, people who believe in morals and people who believe in screwing over the former.
  6. Says more about the way the world works actually. OJ Simpson anyone?
  7. In a perfect world, yes, but in reality rules exist to be broken. Particularly in the financial world. Nothing new.
  8. Thank you Papa Jack, exactly as I see it. By the same token, Steven McLean, a player with an excellent footballing brain wouldn't be playing for us if he still had the legs of a 20 year old. That's football. Some people just can't see further than St Johnstone I guess.
  9. Rangers aren't Gretna. You don't just kill one of Scottish footballs biggest institutions. Fast forward 50 years and no one will care about a bunch of angry old men in 2015 waving their lighters in the air and proclaiming how it was so much better in their day. Are you sure it wasn't for name-dropping "Sky's Monday Night Football" on a BT Sport broadcast?
  10. Never paid attention to which referee is officiating a football match before but I'll be sure to keep an eye on the wee man in black in the middle of Dundee tomorrow who will apparently be levitating and walking on water according to some posters here. Should be more entertaining than, let's face it, a drab game of Scottish Fitbaw.
  11. Fair point Edstar, but in my opinion let Rangers/Sevco/Zombie United push the boat as far as financial responsibility and instabilities go, rules are made to be bent and exist to be broken. It's an amusing soap opera as an outsider and while I would argue that Rangers absence has improved the quality of Scottish Football, any St Johnstone fan would be remiss to suggest more nights like a cold November night in Ibrox 9 years ago wouldn't be welcome. The vile bigotry from some posters isn't so welcome, if some of the comments you read on here were aimed at someone's race or sexual orientation rather than football club no one would be laughing. All the worlds a stage my dear. Enjoy it.
  12. With GMS and Armstrong gone, I'm feeling delightfully confident about this fixture. Kano to open his St J scoring account, you heard the rumour here first
  13. Agreed to an extent but Cagey and HOODLUM65 in particular are two posters who have serious issues.