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  1. A little bird tells me dean lyness had his medical yesterday. Could be a lot of nonsense but wouldn’t be surprised to hear an announcement today
  2. Worked with bill a few years ago in portlethen . Nice old guy. Loved telling tales of his playing days.
  3. I remember Roddy Grants testimonial from maybe about 19 years ago. Got strachans autograph and mcalisteter called me a dafty cause I asked for his armband when he got subbed but of course he'd swapped it. I did feel like a dafty even at about 12/13 years old. Also remember the west ham friendly with rio and a Middlesbrough friendly with nick barmby. Anyone remember if there were any other big names in the Middlesbrough game?
  4. Just wondering if there's any tartan army members on here with 1-10 points and not going to Wembley game? basically I just need to add someone as friends and family with at least 1 point so I can get a seat next to my mate. My 1 point is dropping off after Slovakia game unfortunately.
  5. Ye i read that. I'm going to be cutting it fine for kick off so hopefully car park is a freeby too
  6. It doesnt sound like there's any interest in the Bradford game. It's going to be a nice night so I'm going to head down for it. Will it be free parking in the car park for a friendly?
  7. Does anyone have a link to a list of Scottish preseason friendlies for this summer?
  8. Disappointing result today. Hardly testing their goalie at all. A big shout out to the man who gave me a ticket out of a ST book to get in today. Really nice gesture and wouldn't even take any money for it. I spend a small fortune following saints and living in Aberdeen so it was much appreciated. I'll get the pints in if I bump into him again.
  9. What a team effort. More than matched them with 10 men. It looked like a crazy red card. Tommy is saying it wasn't such a mental decision after seeing it again. He also added a yellow would have maybe been best though. Highlights will be interesting. I had a pie where the pastry was basically uncooked. I didn't have lunch so I was fairly gutted with the whole afternoon until 93 minutes. Then it was all worthwhile. Delighted
  10. Training with his Oldham teammates at stirling uni before the big game against the binos on Friday
  11. Totally gutted about this. Sportsound has some harsh critics but I think it's the business. I should really get a life but listen to it every night during the season and every weekend. Spency is a favourite of mine along with Tom English. Hopefully he will still continue doing free lance work for the bbc after all English was just doing free lance for them until a year or so ago.
  12. So is it ticket allocation, pay at gate or both?
  13. Kazach team just scored a peachy by sickle kick in Belgrade 0-1