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  1. Yes my friend who bought the tickets is working on it. I’m reluctant to get involved as I never purchased them myself….Just got a message now saying Roddy has sorted it. Collecting them from dens
  2. It’s very odd. Looks like it’s going to be 3 fans less in the away stand
  3. Yes I think you are right as I’ve never had a problem either. Still not arrived today apparently
  4. Was Efe’s contract ever disclosed? I’m happy he’s here so I’d be pleased if he signed for a year or 2. I think he’s got plenty to offer.
  5. My mate hasn’t received our tickets (posted to Edinburgh) yet despite buying them last week and chasing it up yesterday. I’m sure they will appear tomorrow. Not sure if anyone else has had problems? looking forward to to a cup tie under the flood lights
  6. Looking for 2 adults and 1 pensioner if possible. I think I might have missed the boat though
  7. I don’t see myself as a glory hunter at all. Throughout the thousands of calls I’ve got through twice only for it to ring out. Very frustrating. I’m guessing I’m not the only one
  8. I’ve called about 3000 times. I haven’t got a season ticket. I guess I should have waited until 1pm then if that’s the case about general sales
  9. Do we find out our potential conference rivals this afternoon as well?
  10. Am I right in saying if vilareal beat Man Utd we are in Europa league play off potentially dropping into the conference group stages?
  11. As I understand it if we win the cup we go into the europa league play off game and if we lose we still go into the conference group stage. Is that right? what stage do we go into with securing 5th place today and if we lose the final? Is it europa or europa conference?
  12. Maybe I’m missing something here but I’m confused why Rice and now Roughy on PLZ are suggesting the Melamed goal was off side. I thought if the ball was played in from your own half then you can be offside. He looked in line to me anyway
  13. A little bird tells me dean lyness had his medical yesterday. Could be a lot of nonsense but wouldn’t be surprised to hear an announcement today
  14. Worked with bill a few years ago in portlethen . Nice old guy. Loved telling tales of his playing days.
  15. I remember Roddy Grants testimonial from maybe about 19 years ago. Got strachans autograph and mcalisteter called me a dafty cause I asked for his armband when he got subbed but of course he'd swapped it. I did feel like a dafty even at about 12/13 years old. Also remember the west ham friendly with rio and a Middlesbrough friendly with nick barmby. Anyone remember if there were any other big names in the Middlesbrough game?