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  1. Picture of Saints fans as seen from the home stand. Your fans are getting alot of praice, - best away supporters this year etc. You might win the game on the stands, lets just hope we win on the pitch. GG guys!
  2. Its just a 5 min walk from the Central Station to Three Lions, so I would use that take the buss and use your taxi money to buy extra beers.
  3. From When St Johnstone enters Lerkendal Stadium tonight at 19:00, it will be in front of a massive away crowd. About 500 Scots have arrived in the city over the last two days, and they are known as very loud audience. They are nok as many away fans as the match against Legia Warsaw last year,. When 700 Poles made ​​ for a great atmosphere at lower Rema tribune. The Scots have not the same bad reputation, so police do not envisage that there will be no trouble with supporters tonight. St Johnstone conducted a light workout at Lerkendal Stadium on Wednesday night as they got ready to just its fourth participation in E-cup during the club's 129 years history. Only ten players have scored goals for St Johnstone in European tournaments. So it remains to see if they manage to outwit Rosenborg goalkeeper tonight. There are at least guaranteed a close and tough fight, as Per Joar Hansen said yesterday afternoon. Google translate.
  4. There is a backery in Thomas Angells gate that should be open. But if you are looking for open pubs in the morning your in the wrong country.
  5. Sorry to dissapoint you, but the site that you are linkin to over here will not be streaming the match. Just live updating, text. will stream the game, but you have to pay, and its geo-bloked. The ones who streamed the Crusaders game(local newspaper) will not do it this time, since TV2 bought the streaming rights for the game. It might end up on free streaming sites, but wouldn't guarantee it since it's not going to be sent on TV.
  6. You can buy stamps in most grocery stores and kiosks.
  7. Timmeh is correct, you can add one player for every round. Norwegian TV2 will stream the game online, but you have to pay to get that service, and it might be geo blocked. But since they are streaming the game there might be som free streams aswell.
  8. Whats funny about that is that they haven't been regulars for us this season, but has played the last games due to injuries and the sale of Elyonussi.
  9. Yeah, after 3-0 it looked like we were satisfied, and just wanted the match to end. 3-1 should have been disallowed though, offisde on the Odd player that was on the line. Good 60 minutes, poor last 30. But we won, and are now on the top of the table, where we belong.
  10. Highlights from yesterday's game if anyone is interested.
  11. RBK are playing Odd in 25 min. If you want to see the the 11 who probably will start against you you can watch the game here:
  12. A medium BigMac menu is about 9£. KFC does not have branches in Norway, atleast not in Trondheim. The BigMac Index Eating out in general is wuite expensive in Norway, but fastfood, (burger, kebabs etc.) is the cheapest. There are several kabab shops that serve ok/good 'babs that cost the same as a BigMac menu.
  13. God day lads, heres my predicted RBK team next Thursday. Örlund (gk) Gamboa - Reginiussen © - Strandberg - Dorsin Svensson - Selnæs - Jensen Dockal - Chibuike/Søderlund - Mikkelsen Our new striker, Norwegian international Søderlund, might get his debut against you, if not Chibuike probably will play CF. First choise Nicki Bille is out with injury, might be back for the second leg. Hope you get will have a good time in Trondheim, despite the ressult.