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  1. Rhys Williams, ex Middlesbrough captain, is over here in Perth WA. He's had a falling out with Perth Glory. They don't want to sell him to another Aussie Club. Would probably let him go for free. Had a few injury worries at Middlesbrough but seems to be fit and healthy now. Was a good player only a couple of years ago. What do you think? Can play a few positions.
  2. just took them a while tae come out o their shells
  3. " Most successful club in Scotland " They've won feck all. I think he's confusing the current shambles with the previous club that cheated it's way into bankruptcy. Just hope MOH actually gets to pick up some wages.
  4. used to be group stages when I was a lad in the 60's/70's....I think?
  5. There'll never be another day like that!
  6. not much luck here in Oz. Postie might be a closet Saintee!
  7. French guy apparently ex PSG under 19's.
  8. I think Kane should get more game time in the first team. This was the first time I've seen him play. Fast, strong, tackles like a centre half, closes down fast, worked hard all night. Missed a sitter (headed wide from a cross from the left) & scored a wonder goal. Got no real service. Would benefit from an extended first team run. IMO
  9. weewill


    an auld married couple were sitting in church one Sunday morning. The wife turns tae the husband and whispers " I've just dropped a silent fart. I think it's goan tae smell rotten. What dae ye think I should do?" Husband " Get new batteries fir yer hearing aid"!
  10. Unlucky Saints. Great effort. Back tae bed!
  11. None of the links work for me either but the bbc sportsounds clear as a bell. Using tunnel bear. Backs against the wall stuff now though. need another on the break.
  12. Arrive back in Perth on holiday,14 August. I hope there's one left in Campus for me!