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  1. Hey thanks for the welcoming bud fully enjoyed your teams performance and watched a stream from the first minute to the last i was a st johnstone fan for the night without doubt i actually thought it was totally immense to see you guys beat them and the amount of fans you took there also was superb big respect and hey if you can beat this team then you can beat many others in the qualifiers they are not exactly mugs they usually mix it with the best and are well respected on the european scene so big big congrats and i will be paying close close attention to the second leg again with my saints fan head on again as for us its a long route to the CL for us but here is hoping for our sake and scottish football we can do our country proud as you guys did tonight one thing about scotland we do not lack the passion the fans are amazing they travel everywere in numbers and make you proud to be scottish , i thought tonight Nige Hasselbank was amazing he looks like a great coup for st johnstone i cant wait for the new campaign its so shit without it
  2. Celtic fan here coming in peace Just felt like you guys deserved a massive well done i watched the game and got right behind the saints i only wish more scottish teams could pull off results like this and get our league more backing and our co-efficient back up Big congrats to the team and the amount of saints fan who were there was awsome you guys did your club proud along with the players and i really hope you guys get behind them at home and stuff them and go as far as you possibly can Again big well done