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  1. Congratulations. Once you scored, it was pretty much settled; we're useless against established defense. Just ****ing embarrassing.
  2. And, come to think of it, "toun" which I can imagine is a smaller field-ish patch of green? We use "tun". Stay tuned for more.
  3. It is funny how Scottish people use "bairn" for kids and "heim" for home. Shared lingustical source, I imagine - we use "barn" (kids) and "heim" as well, as in, you guessed it, Trondheim.
  4. About our supposed arrogance and whatnot: I don't really agree with that characterization, per se. What you have to realize is that Rosenborg is a club that's gotten used to having Real Madrid, AC Milan, Valencia, Dortmund etc come visit, in the Champions League - and actually show up on the pitch. There's no malice or arrogance intended when people from Trondheim can't muster the same excitement after being beat at home in the Europa League by a hitherto smaller club. Someone said earlier that they were surprised about how there was no one local out celebrating afterwards... Well, why would there be? Put it into context: It's a work day the next day, there's not really a drinking culture after the games, we lost, etc. Nothing to do with arrogance, I don't think. Blasé would be a more fitting word. No one talked about it in work today. A mate of mine didn't know we lost when I asked him if he saw the match. I mean, a Saints fan on here said earlier that this is one of the biggest results in the club's history - the excitement resulting from that would obviously be a lot more than what's for us another game in Europe, which we also lost. We've been playing in Europe as far back as I can remember. That may come across as twattish, but it's really not intentional. Did I just lose all the good karma I got for my last post? Maybe. And for not swapping shirts and stuff: I wouldn't really think to do that, not because I'm arrogant... It just wouldn't occur to me. I shook hands with a bunch of you when you walked through the city centre, but swapping scarves? Maybe if I happened to wear one. Main point is: I may take the trip over if I can get off work. Please, please like me.
  5. Come on. Surely you realise how easy it is to flip that right back at you? About as reasonable as me having a dig through some Old Firm forum and basing my impression of Scottish people off that.
  6. Any info on how much the away tickets will be? Considering the trip.
  7. Hello Yeah, what can you say... Congratulations, and well deserved, first and foremost, I guess. Perhaps our nadir so far this season, utterly dreadful performance - not to take anything away from you. On the bright side, surely it's a kick up the arse, which we honestly need. Other than that: Look forward to the away leg in Scotland, going to be a thriller. And, hey, if we're going out, there are loads cunty teams to get knocked out by, might as well be someone nice. Ran into the big marching pack of the travelling fans biking home from work today, good vibes was had from every away fan. Cheers. Someone earlier complained about the home turnout. Considering it's a Europa League mid-week game during a period with shit weather and loads of people going on holidays, it wasn't too bad. Not very good either, but nothing to be ashamed about. Also, the thing about our presumed arrogance about the game... Not really true, I don't think I've heard anyone say this was a walk in the park. We were expecting a better result than what we got, sure, but no one thought it'd be a pisstake. So that's a bit unfair on us, to be honest. Having said that, I hope we do give you guys a ****ing pasting on home soil. Winner gets Shetland, eh? Let's do our forefathers proud. Good luck, and thanks for the match