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  1. Long shot but presuming there’s no way to get my hands on some scarfs tomorrow from Saints?
  2. Nick

    Ph20 Project.

    Plans and drawings to be in tomorrow's PA Anyone have any idea on what the 20sports are? Will the rink allow Ice Hockey back into Perth?
  3. I'm due home that day so may manage to catch you boys up later on.
  4. Hopefully that goal will give the boys some belief going into next Thursday. But the game sure as hell will have got rid of any over confidence they had.
  5. Text from a friend saying Saints are playing extremely poor. And Spartak despite controlling the game are not as good as Luzern.
  6. Sounds like its backs against the wall stuff. Mannus already in action a couple of times, tipping a header onto the bar on one occasion. Play mostly in Saints half.
  7. Stuck offshore so missing this! gutted. Hopefully there's good coverage!
  8. 100% happening Richard. 20 people confirmed so far! Sunday 24th August. Cheers!
  9. This was the rumour doing the rounds in Lucerne. I wouldn't be surprised if its true.