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  1. I was in the group that allegedly didn’t pay their €50 drink & food bill and am amazed at how gullible some people have been. The facts are that the bill was indeed paid as I paid it! After the first couple of rounds I ordered some food and they requested I paid €21 for the drinks we had drunk before they would bring the food which is what I did. I then paid €9 for the food - mini dumplings in white wine sauce stuffed with fish which were excellent and a bowl of chips - and then a further €21 for drink. So you will no doubt be pleased to know that you have boosted the black economy (and the young waiters meagre wages) by €50 ! Perhaps next time you are feeling generous (or sanctimonius) you should just donate directly to the Saints Youth Development instead of Lithuanian Youth Development. How does the saying go “ a fool and his money……….” I too had a really enjoyable trip but one disappointing thing for me was to hear how readily some Saints fans believed locals of fellow Saints fans “dishonesty” without checking the facts. Yes the Lithuanians were very friendly, however they were also very adapt at making as much money out of visitors while they can. This was evidenced by the wide range of prices charged by taxi drivers for the same airport trip (€8 to €25).
  2. Why does someone have to be "at fault" for not bringing in a striker? Too many wannabee keyboard managers who assume they know what is best for Saints when the reality is they know very little about running a SUCCESSFUL Scottish Professional Football Team. It is right that supporters express opinions cause that is what fitba is all about. However, the volume of keich that is being spouted on social media just now by so called "Saints supporters" about how poorly our club is being managed/ run is unbelievable! I think it is a very simple situation, we operate within our affordable financial budget and at this time there are no better players available within that budget than those we currently have. Similarly, if Tommy deems Brad MacKay not to be good enough then so be it as he is the Manager and sees him in training every day.
  3. I would give him 1 more year. He is young and has a great range of passing, however he needs to kick on or will end up like Liam C and Mooner. May depend on how much Tommy has for a squad budget and if better quality midfielders become available that fit within the budget. Whilst Tommy is looking to bring in 3 or 4 players, I am not convinced that he will be increasing the overall squad by 3 or 4 of players as we would end up with players sitting in the stand for most of the season.
  4. Macca just ahead of Danny as he kept chasing for the 90 minutes and got a goal. Tremendous team effort and although Celtic had most of the possession, we didn't let them near our goal and rarely did they trouble Zander.
  5. Steve Maclean was everywhere and set the tone for chasing everything. Good strong finish augurs well for next season. Our mojo is back COYS!
  6. Team battled well and got the deserved result. Midfield was at times lacking the drive that Murray gives them however Scott provided adequate cover when Midgey went off. Danny's runs at defenders are a joy to watch as they look scared S******* when he takes them on. Finnan's inconsistencies were frustrating and he let their defenders in particular off with a lot (despite warning them several times at corners about holding). Only weakness was perhaps am Scobbie who struggled against a lively winger and was wrongly shouting at Liam and Danny when it was himself that was constantly getting beat or badly out of position. Overall another solid away performance and showing our league position is fully justified and well earned.
  7. Muzz for me just ahead of Macca and Spoony. Positive that we created loads of chances as we did against Celtic. Negative was that again we didn't score. Overall great effort and confident that we will start scoring again. I'll only be concerned if we stopped creating any chances. COYS
  8. Muzza just ahead of Macca for me. Rest were slightly below par and Mikey was particularly poor and has been off it in recent games. Overall we created more than Tic but got punished for our poor finishing. On to next week and start of new winning run...COYS
  9. Gutsy display and big plus for Midgey's return and Kano continuing to make the most of his game time opportunity. Midgey defended too deep in the first half which gave Rankin and Soutar too much freedom but was understandable after his lay off. However he got up to speed as game progressed and was back to hounding them down and taking the ball of them. Great to have him back. Murray took a few really sore ones but gave an awesome display and must have covered every blade of grass. Spoony took a bad knock and tried to run it off but should have come off sooner as he clearly couldn't run at full speed. This is the best squad for many a year and a top 3 is definitely achievable. COYS
  10. Muzz now has match fitness and getting back to his old self. Dominated in the air in the middle of the park and was demonstrating great spring in his jumps and well as driving forward. Hopefully Thistle game was the wake up call everyone needed to remember that we only succeed through hard work and commitment. COYS
  11. Miller is a liability and we miss Mackay overlapping. Time to get back to Ando and Frazer with Cuptie and Brian as the back four and stick with them. Too much tinkering by Tommy without any tangible improvement. Squad are under performing big style and Tommy appears incapable at this time of changing things. We will still stay up but bottom 6 this year.
  12. After all the c**p and doom and gloom and slagging of SB I was just about to rant but Center Half did it for me and is spot on.
  13. RIP Jimmy, a great Saintee and mate over many years