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  1. Regarding what was said on the other forum, it was the same as plenty other fans were saying on Saturday morning on twitter and such places (go have a search and you will see more high profile persons than myself commenting on this ). A lot of similar comments that goes against what Danny was saying in the Press over the weekend. Like others said on Twitter etc, I believe saints have offered Danny a good offer but to date this has not been signed. I have no idea why not, but you do not need to be a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together. You have to assume it has not been signed due to A) terms are not right for him (wages/length of contract/bonus/release clauses etc) or B)) he is holding out to see what other teams offer him. My own opinion - Swanson playing like he did the first 3 months of the season, I would have paid him what he wanted. The Danny the last few months, would not bother me if he signed or not. The comments in the press over the weekend were interesting. Hopefully a resolve is made sooner or later for all parties so everyone can get on with things. I am more concerned that we still have not agreed a deal with Brian Easton. I can remember for a long time that we struggled to fill that role until he signed from Dundee. All seems to have gone quiet on that front.
  2. staggering that he was never capped during his time with us. Was no other Scottish right back capable of lacing his boots for a period of about 3 years. Sad news
  3. My brother has got it and I am going to get a borrow of it from him. Cheers for the tip. appreciated.
  4. Brilliant - Thanks Radford. Appreciated
  5. I was thinking May Away to Airdrie in a re-arranged league game when we won the league
  6. good shout but you need to imagine maybe back in the early years there maybe was a silly 11-1 or something?
  7. sent brian a message on twitter but no joy to date. hopefully he can pick it up as if anyone knows this, it will likely be him. Cheers
  8. Thanks - was that against Celtic at home?