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    no telling you
  1. I was a ballboy in the late 60's early 70's
  2. meldy 60

    Jimmy Munro

    Yes we still go every week
  3. meldy 60

    Jimmy Munro

    Jimmy Munro is my wifes (Anne Munro) grandad. After leaving Saints he played for Millwall and Cardiff City he was also capped for Scotland.He died in Liverpool a few years ago.
  4. Wish i was i will be i the Costa Del Sol
  5. Great Result pity i wont be there next week COYS
  6. meldy 60

    Lucerne Hq

    watching these videos we never ever thought we would be going to Europe as Scottish Cup Winners Brilliant COYS
  7. Pity about the sound system yesterday
  8. Great news, we missed him when he was injured
  9. A great interview over two days in the Sun
  10. meldy 60

    14,000 +

    Have to agree Chips 14000 to see Saints i have waited 40 plus years for this .