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  1. Double Champion Hoodies 

    Celebrating the clubs massive double cup winning success fan group FCU have now set our sights towards European football and beyond. 

    All proceeds from the sales of these hoodies will be invested directly back into fan tifos and displays. The cost of materials and delivery charges from Europe are not cheap but it is vital we make efforts to put some colour in the stadiums and in the streets.


    We are taking PRE - ORDERS for the hoodies and this will guarantee you have secured a top. Hoodies come in BLACK or GREY. All sizes available. 


    Cost of hoodies is delivery INCLUDED. 

    Payment through PayPal (bank transfer can be arranged through private message). 
    Deadline for pre - orders is Friday July 2nd 


    Please send payment as ‘friends & family’ and leave the following details:



    Size & Colour 





    We Are Perth. 


  2. To anyone interested in creating better Atmosphere at McDiarmid- It’s obvious that after Ayr away that we can provide a vocal backing for the team. There were numerous groups there who contributed to the noise. Let’s start filling sections with everyone together (fan groups/ pal groups, previous sections, previous ultra/ singing sections groups) and sit together in one area. Similar to the FCU section just not exclusive to the FCU. The fcu will be one of the groups within the section but would be good to create one big collective group who all create an atmosphere together home and away. Visual and vocal backing goes a long way on and off the park.

  3. Will never be mastered by the polis! 

    Its no secret the group has gained bans of over an 8th of the section. The police have begun treating us like criminals and have visited over 10 of the section members doors, sometimes even twice in the space of 24hrs to discuss football. As you can imagine this is a major put off. No football fan deserves to get this kind of treatmeant! 

    Despite this we will continue as a section. 

    Cant stop Ultras!

  4. It's a well known fact that Celtic's traveling stewards are extremely leiniant towards the fans as many of them are fans themselves and know loads of them. That's why they get away for so much. Was a riddy that police get away with filming fans tho. Had the camera on us a few times and it makes u feel very u comfortable 


    We all made noise in our day 

    Don't go starting thinking you and your mates are something special because a few folk have (rightly) praised your efforts.


    It's just frustrating that we are (wrongfully) dug into for staging a protest against TICKET PRICES? 


    Think you may be wrong concessions were 16 quid

    And no, it was £12


    You are not going to gain friends and influence people with responses like that. 

    Can you answer the questions asked? 

    Are most of you not u18 so  only 14 quid?

    Did you not pay more at motherwell last week? 

    Not all. And to some £14 is TOO much for football believe it or not. 


    And no Motherwell was cheaper


    No show v Celtic, Was it not cos couldn't ask a season ticket holder for free entry?  You support your team at home through thick and thin. Of the Scottish Cup final support I'd estimate 8000 boycott every game due to price.   Boycott at home is pathetic.   Turn up and make your message clear.  

    Shut up you goonie. You honestly prepared to stand back and let the club take the piss of of fans? That's what's ****inh wrong with modern football. What message have you brought to the terraces or what contribution have you made to atmosphere. ****ing moan man. The group made a clear statement, obviously. Time for fans to fight back against rising ticket costs 


    Quote system picked up both for some reason.

    My queary was regarding the knot on the scarf and wondered when & how FCU decided on the style.

    It's just the best way to tie that 'silk' scarf since they're thinner than woolen ones. Also the smartest way too. Inspired by the European Ultras such as Bayern Munchen or hotter countries where a woolen or cotton scarf isn't needed 


    Was doing tops for some mates and had time to kill.

    It's a medium on a FoTL heather grey tee. Free to a good home and can be collected at **** game.

    Just tae make it interesting ye hae tae ken what "1312" means.



    As long as your not selling it as it would be unfair to make profit from the groups name


    I'm not knocking it, just can't see what the difference is having it at t in the park or at a concert, to walking down the road in a small city to inside a football ground.......... Although the latter can get you the jail 

    I know and I'm sure the corporates who help make these legislation that effect football won't even be able to tell you the reasons why football fans are oppressed (as oppose to other sports fans)