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  1. Don't see what harm it does outside of the terrace, it helps boost the buzz and the atmosphere!!
  2. The meeting went well, we managed to engage with the rest of the group and gather ideas for everything we needed. It was discussed moving into a bigger section to deal with demand and it was largely agreed that it would benefit us to move to a larger section of the stadium. We also spoke about new songs and how section members could feel more involved. So for the group this was great. This season is gonna be a great one indeed. See you all Saturday. FCU
  3. I can positively say that I am not 18 years old and have comfortably sat in the Mallard at the last FCU meeting without drinking or buying alcohol so many it's fine.
  4. No, under 18's are allowed in pubs until about 7ish, I'm sure? Anyway all ages welcome
  5. Spoke to Bev before, she's great and loves the group. A person we would much rather on our side than against us Definatly
  6. The Fair City Unity are holding a meeting at the Mallard Pub in North Muirton on Wednesday @ 4pm. The meeting is light hearted and hoping to get a more people to add to the existing 70+. I'm sure the majority of the you probably would have seen the section before so you know what to expect by now. Just a post on here to any fans who want to adopt the ultras mentality and add to the atmosphere. The meeting will be regarding displays, fundraising, spending, the group, rules & values of the group, sections, away days, section cards and pass on information about safe standing. Food will be on for those who get peckish
  7. Season is over but definitely isn't the end for the group. Hoping to plan a few group ups over the summer which also include the wider saints support, details will be put on her for people who are interested. As usual thanks for the support and as we say onwards and upwards.
  8. I see st. Johnstone are arising i see that we are on out way i see the fans all had a party when we won the cup back on may st. Johnstone blue and white dundee ****ing shite i see that we are on our waY nope, no rehearsals just word gets round of songs
  9. As a group we appreciate all he words of support! Our style of support may be different from the norm but it's fresh and brings an needed uplift to Perth!! Onwards & Upwards. ultrasaints fcu
  10. Thats because you take heavy klank
  11. Should really be Boycotting the game cos the moaning bastards who sit in section F knowing the drum and flags etc will be there and sit there and moan about the noise or the canny see the whole pitch cos a flag. Ken you lick my puddin. Games are shite, boring and nothing without a full section. If you enjoy sitting on a padded seat at a football match sounding like a library
  12. No,to set things straight no 'young ones' were egged on by 'older ones' atal. Folk on this forum have to calm down and learn the facts before making poor effort bullshit up.
  13. If yous have anyhing to say the the young lads you knpw where they are located at home games. Why not come and give it big licks then? KeyboardGangsters
  14. Got chucked out before it started because there was no seats! Pure riddy