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  2. Thats what happens when your on universal credit
  3. so, if you cant deal with football you SHOULD be in football???
  4. as long as he doesnt read the amount of hate his signing announcement received on twitter! I for one wish him all the best of luck!
  5. Letham primary 1975-1982, perth academy (viewlands) 1982-1984 (crieff road) 1984-1986 Dont think anyone around me became well known!
  6. its spooky that this topic appeared today, as I was just thinking about!
  7. I spent a lot of saturday mornings and school holiday mornings in the plough as my mum used to be the cleaner! It was great! The landlord always put Asteroids on free play for me!! I can remember a couple of staff christmas parties in the function room too - even though it was the early 80's!!!
  8. Wind has dropped now, well here in this part of letham it has.... game should get the all-clear i think
  9. have a great day out lads!! I'm at hampden in spirit!!
  10. @MySpazz - accept my offers!!!