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    perth born and bred, lifelong saints fan now living in glumrothes - travel to as many home games as i can...
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  1. that shop was like stepping back in time, everything wrapped in brown paper and tied with string!!!! oooo isnt that grand granville!
  2. does anyone have any photos of the old odeon (park avenue snooker hall) or the playhouse? preferrably inside photos? would be great, thanx!
  3. Anyone want to buy my unworn home shirt from this season? Still has tags on it. Size is XXL
  4. thanks (i think LAUGH OUT LOUD) its a nice wee bit o saints history, in fact i can remember where i got the video, when they had their anniversary museum thingy at mcd, they had a pile for free!
  5. Found the vhs under my bed today so recorded it to dvd, ripped it to my pc and uploaded to youtube for all to enjoy
  6. my livescore app has just buzzed my phone...AFTER the penalty.....dare i check???
  7. so, while perusing my local charity shop, I spotted a video cassette called 'Wembley winners - england vs scotland' so I bought it, not exactly knowing what it was, thankfully it was exactly what I had hoped for!! Great scottish victories against england at wembley stadium! From 1963, 1977 and onwards!! Best 30p I've spent in a while
  8. A week ago, this was posted on thier official facebook page... What does it mean? will we get full live match streams? great for the saintess that can't get to every match, but will it make attendances fall? Me personally, im all for it, I can barely get to a handful of games these days - but all depends on the price...
  9. Anyone know anywhere i can buy the current sleeve patches? Campus sports don't do them