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  1. tastier too, dominos bases have too much dusting powder on the bottom, but deffo la serie a still best pizzas, had first one in 14 years last week and still delicious!
  2. what the hells a double double?
  3. its where frankie and bennies used to be, canadian coffee and donuts... I cant see it lasting.
  4. we need a couple of buffet restaurants, I used to love city buffet!
  5. At last! Perth is getting a papa johns pizza! Bit overpriced but GREAT pizzas Opening end of the month next to Concorde!
  6. this explains the extra hits my YT has been getting these last 3 days!!
  7. I remember that night too, and at the next home game against aberdeen there were badges with 'was it really 5-0 last time' on them!!!
  8. its listed on the bbc scotland listing
  10. And the club have announced the re-opening of the east stand corner because of this!
  11. freebies being returned does make sense, but what about the east stand ones...... there is only the 1 left now
  12. why would people be returning tickets for the biggest game ever?