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  1. Im not sadly, cant justify being unemployed and holding a season ticket
  2. Going to give this one a miss, I bought the last book, got it all signed and never even looked at it. Now im unable to stand for longer than ten minutes without being in pain, and no doubt the queue will be enormous! Really wanted a photo with the trophies too!
  3. no, thats in scott street, and there was one just further down from argos in the high street, im thinking back to when i was a kid back in the 70's/80's - think it was called templetons? I also remember the tea room that my gran used to take us to in south methven street!!! The tea room sign was still there on the building wall (above the burns lounge) until a couple of years ago!!
  4. i miss the lite bite cafes and i remember a cafe being above where argos used to be...
  5. tastier too, dominos bases have too much dusting powder on the bottom, but deffo la serie a still best pizzas, had first one in 14 years last week and still delicious!
  6. what the hells a double double?
  7. its where frankie and bennies used to be, canadian coffee and donuts... I cant see it lasting.
  8. we need a couple of buffet restaurants, I used to love city buffet!
  9. At last! Perth is getting a papa johns pizza! Bit overpriced but GREAT pizzas Opening end of the month next to Concorde!
  10. this explains the extra hits my YT has been getting these last 3 days!!
  11. I remember that night too, and at the next home game against aberdeen there were badges with 'was it really 5-0 last time' on them!!!
  12. its listed on the bbc scotland listing
  14. And the club have announced the re-opening of the east stand corner because of this!
  15. freebies being returned does make sense, but what about the east stand ones...... there is only the 1 left now
  16. why would people be returning tickets for the biggest game ever?
  17. How can they go from being sold out to having seats available???
  18. i also think its BS - because that section was in use on sunday
  19. I still cant believe that FCU's usual area will be completely empty on thursday...
  20. i wonder if i'll get away with standing on tesco hill??