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  1. I’m not sure how much of an attraction playing in the euro qualifiers actually were in terms of attracting players.
  2. Our current situation is almost entirely self inflicted. We barely scored any goals even last season and this issue has never been resolved. We sell our best player when we didn’t need to and are paying the price. Serious question. If you could win the cup double and be relegated the next season would you take it? Most folk would say “aye” but realistically this is what’s happening unless something drastic changes.
  3. The crazy thing is he’s literally one of our most dangerous players in terms of goals and assists. He’s lightweight and doesn’t really track back. He and McPherson will unfairly be compared to McCann when the truth is they are nowhere near his level. Another example of our throwing mud at the wall transfer policy hoping some will stick.
  4. Bryson was our best player until he got the red. Eetu repeatedly just runs into players and loses the ball. We are feckin dire to watch.
  5. Proud of the effort. Could have nicked it on another day but probably didn’t deserve it. Onwards and upwards.
  6. Sensible getting our joint top scorer tied down.
  7. We might need to recall Hendry if we get anymore suspensions/injuries.
  8. I disagree the squad is stronger. We’ve replaced quality with quantity. Apart from up front where we’ve lost both.
  9. I think we’re seeing the impact that losing Kerr and McCann is having on the rest of the team.
  10. He’s a small child remember. Do you expect us to actually play him? Give him another few months to adapt just incase.
  11. That was brutal. Just as we’re starting to get players back Kane goes and gets sent off. Injuries and suspensions are killing us.
  12. Yeah, we know this. CD is hardly going to go public with the reasons he isn’t picking him. That’s what everyone is speculating about.
  13. You’re really not getting this are you? We don’t know what the reasons for him not playing are. You’ve taken on this weird narrative that it’s because he’s a kid that he’s struggling to adapt. 22 is not young in football anymore than 32 is old away from it. You complain that people are spreading rumours to harm the guy when you’re basically on here doing the same thing. Anyone could take part of your post and say that Random Guy is saying it’s because he’s missing his family.
  14. Stop speculating! I would be absolutely buzzing if I was signed by a team in a bigger better league who were paying me more money than I’ve ever had in my life. Scotland is a quality country to live in.
  15. He’s not from Dundee so I’ll assume he’s no kids. If he has a burd then she can move here if she wants. You referred to him as a kid before which is strange. 22 is not young in football. It’s not uncommon for teenagers to move to different continents. You’re making it sound like we’ve kidnapped a child and are keeping him in a locked room with no windows and no internet. People will naturally speculate why our big summer signing has barely kicked a ball. I agree making up rumours isn’t helpful but like you nobody really knows what’s going so are left to guess.