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  1. I mean, he’s clearly a right back who’s being asked to play wing back/centre half. Not really his fault. All things considering I think he’s doing ok.
  2. Tbf Browns been one of our better players this season. Even when playing wing back he just gets on with it.
  3. Hate to keep bringing him up but when playing along side McCann, Craig, Muzz and Bryson all looked like Pirlo. Now they’re all having to cover a lot more ground which isn't really fair.
  4. Last season, when not in possession, we pressed, harassed, closed down and won the ball back. We don’t do that anymore. We stand and watch. We’re the easiest team to play against.
  5. Starting to think a new manager should be given the money in January.
  6. This is literally the weakest Celtic team you could hope to play and we’re being schooled.
  7. Don’t try and head it Dendoncker. Just stand and watch.
  8. Would still rather play them without their three best players.
  9. Assuming they’ll be missing Turnbull, Jota and maybe Kyogo. They couldn’t beat St Mirren under 19’s a few days ago. Must take something from this. Surely.
  10. Weird. I’ve clearly responded to some of your points mate. Sorry I don’t agree with them all.
  11. They would improve the team 100%. We struggled badly to score with them in the team until we signed Melamed. We’ve also lost Conway, Tanser and Melamed who between them contributed a fair few goals and assists. I’m not convinced May, Kane and MOH would get a game for any other team in our league based on their stats. Does that not make them Championship standard?
  12. Let’s be honest, CD inherited a good team, who were top six. He was determined to play, too stubborn to change his beloved front three when it clearly wasn’t working. This is despite him stating he wasn’t planning on drastically changing the way we play. He keeps playing WINGERS as strikers! No wonder Middleton looks so fed up. Our actual strikers don’t score so how is this formation a good idea in his head? Melamed was a season changing signing. I fear even another Melamed won’t save us. There are so many issues all over the park now. This system is obsolete.
  13. What a mess we’re in. Kerr and McCann wouldn’t help this current team score goals.
  14. Can’t see us scoring never mind winning this. The front three is completely ineffective and easy to defend against. I wish we had Hendry so we could at least play two up front. If/when we do concede the heads will go down as they know we can’t score. Wish I could be more optimistic.
  15. If things continue the way they are going we will be cut off by March.
  16. We’re making Motherwell look like a Champions League team.
  17. People just assuming Vertainen has been dropped. IF he has been dropped it won’t just be for giving the ball away.
  18. On paper the league is stronger than usual but it’s really not. Only really Hearts and to an extent Utd are stronger. Aberdeen were there for the taking yesterday but we don’t score goals. We’re the only team Hibs have beaten in like 10 games. We fully deserve to be bottom. We’re now in the position where we should be building towards next season/second half of this season in terms of signings/pre-contracts. We can’t guarantee what league we’ll be in next season. We’re negotiating with players while being bottom of the league. How can we attract the calibre of players needed to get us out of this situation if there’s a doubt about what league we’re in next season? This season continues to be a complete disaster. Amateur stuff.
  19. I mean, it’s not Ali Crawford’s fault that we are where we are. If it wasn’t for his goals/assists then we’d be in an even worse position. You can literally pick any player and find a video clip showing them not tracking back ect…
  20. 100% this. Crawford seems to be the latest “boo” boy. Not saying he’s been great but to keep singling him out is pathetic.
  21. I’m not sure how much of an attraction playing in the euro qualifiers actually were in terms of attracting players.
  22. Our current situation is almost entirely self inflicted. We barely scored any goals even last season and this issue has never been resolved. We sell our best player when we didn’t need to and are paying the price. Serious question. If you could win the cup double and be relegated the next season would you take it? Most folk would say “aye” but realistically this is what’s happening unless something drastic changes.