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  1. Think this could be a case of two thoroughbreds vying for position and being overtaken by a few donkeys!!
  2. Whoever thought the Prediction League would be called - and without the need for investigations or court proceedings!! Congratulations and well done to Coltrane and commiserations to Abernethy, the perennial bridesmaid. Hoodie - think you would have got there had it not been for the distracting tactics of Sixties! May I suggest you wear a pair of blinkers for the next campaign? As ever thanks to Steve McQ for his sterling work organising our footie fun.
  3. He sure didn't hang around for the wages!! Go beyond the article - think back to his actions and interviews when he was here and I think you'll conclude he has an affection for Perth and the club. Doesn't it occur to you that given the troubles he had perhaps resurrecting his career wasn't top of his agenda. Perhaps the location, support and atmosphere helped make him a better person and hence that showed on the pitch?
  4. With his affection for Perth and our wee club, perhaps he could convince Lampard to bring Chelsea up for a friendly to help our finances?!!
  5. You've got a point re subs - but if TW had subbed Hendry as planned we would probably have been moaning about 2 points dropped. So who's smartest?!
  6. Should be Sedan Chair for Tommy with the Taxi mob required to carry it !
  7. Nor have I but from where I was sitting he made a real mess of it. As a general point though his handling of cross balls has been consistently poor for some time.