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    Been a Saints fan for some 48 years and was taken to my first match at Muirton Park V Partick Thistle in the days of Buck McGarry by my cousin Robert Fitzgerald, who is sadly no longer with us.
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    Driving, Reading, Films and Clay Shooting

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  1. Sorry missed meeting tonight couldn't get away from Hospital Radio. Saintee 14 and I are going so put us down for 2 seats on the 9th please.
  2. Thanks to all for their help. It looks like it was game 06/04/66.
  3. Can anyone of you historians among us help me find out my first Saints game? It was against Partick Thistle at Muirton, the score was 2-2, it was a midweek game,must have been in the late 60's early 70's and it must have been early or late in the year as the floodlights were on from the start. Buck McGarry was number 9 for Saints and that is all I remember. Would love to know the date and if possible the team that night please and the manager. Thanks COYS
  4. After consultation with joint householder I am only available Sat 7th as have prior engagement on the 14th. Sorry don't do Fridays as have work early on Saturdays. Food would be good for first weekend for me.