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    I have supported Saints from a very young age and have witnessed some great games, both abroad and in Scotland
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    Golf, cars, piano, aviation
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    IRA Head Girl 2015/16

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  1. Thanks for the info but most, if not all, of us are coming down in a minibus. The weather is awful here today and most journeys are taking double the time they would normally take
  2. yes there are two of us there, what row are you in?
  3. I take it you guys are in N3? What rows, there are 2 of us in row D
  4. thank you, will see you there and then cristo
  5. I just created an online account which has 0 loyalty points, phoned them up this morning and the woman said that it was no bother and is posting the tickets out first class today. She also said that they were on general sale. Try option 2 as that is customer services, not just ticket sales
  6. Woo hoo managed to get two tickets this morning in the Hibs section though but oh well. Any saintees still looking for some phone 0844 844 1875 followed by option 2, got a really helpful woman on the phone. Guess I won't be needing my G4S jacket anymore
  7. For those of you still without tickets just pop into your local outdoor clothing shop and pick up a reflective, fluorescent jacket and black cap and dress up as a G4S person, you will get into the ground that way
  8. So if we register with an EH postcode then can we buy tickets from the Hibs ticket page without the fuss of being on the database or not?? If so does anyone have an EH postcode that I could use????
  9. I have sent two emails, one last week and one today
  10. only on sale to people on the database which I'm not!? Any other way of getting them???
  11. Why are they selling them then if they haven't sold a single one for either section?
  12. Looking for 2 here if possible, 1 would do but would be great and very appreciative if anyone have 2 going spare??
  13. 3-1 to Celtic first goal - 33 mins