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  1. It was a fine goal but nothing new for Saints to be involved in. George O'Boyle scored very similar goal v Motherwell at Perth a while ago. It's still on you tube, if I knew how to link it I would but I don't so you'll have to manage without me.
  2. cristo

    Scottish Cup

    Dundee have big guns? Jeezo, who knew, ha! I'm going to tune in to watch the George Hunter show. Mon the Rose.
  3. cristo

    Scottish Cup

    Well it's that time of year again, the third round draw takes place tomorrow morning at 11. Strange I know. I'll have Bonnyrigg Rose after they hump the Dee at Dens tonight.
  4. Ali McCann by miles, Rooney and Booth not far behind but I've given it to Danny Mac with my best wishes for the future.
  5. That was playing on my mind as well but definitely one of Wullie's better performances today.
  6. cristo


    Saved the day there.
  7. Okay, serious question here, please excuse me if I've missed something. On Tuesday 22nd it was announced that Danny was being recalled by Millwall. I usually understand that to mean get your bags packed and your arse down here immediately. He played for us on Wednesday 23rd and again on Saturday 26th. Did they mean they want him back in January? Is it to do with the games being cancelled at the Den due to Covid outbreak?
  8. Craig Thompson scored today for Edinburgh City.
  9. Interesting point. With no fans at the game, what does it matter if it's 7 or 7.45 or whatever time? Why don't they just play these games in the afternoon? Does a certain amount of time have to pass from your previous game? Or is it all for the club's TV?