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  1. Broon

    For sale?

    Seemed a reasonable post. Any need for the abuse?
  2. I'd have Spoony over O'Halloran on the left every day of the week. It's his strongest position. Mikey on the other hand has no left foot, has lost a wee bit of his pace and isn't that effective cutting inside. He needs to play wide right or through the middle.
  3. Spoony is a class act. We are and always have been a better team when he plays. Consistently gets assists and goals. Yes he loses the ball a lot but that's because he never hides and never just punts it aimlessly. He should be first pick for left midfield, we are a far more balanced team when he plays.
  4. Energetic, ball winning box to box. Scores a decent amount of goals but see him more in the Chris Millar mould.
  5. I thought we would have signed him last month and then earlier this month so I've no idea if we would. I've no doubt Wright's been told to balance the books though so feels like 1 in 1 out at the moment. The Foster saga is odd though, more to that one than is being said.
  6. Whilst I'm buzzing we've signed May let's not pretend Brown and Wright's management of the transfer window has been nothing short of a shambles. And as for investment in the team, maybe. I still see a threadbare defence and a gap in central midfield and we did just ship out another first team player to bring May in today. I'm assuming we already have a replacement for Foster but we are definitely 3 short of a big enough squad. We have problems at Saints, we are a well run business but we're nowhere near professional enough in how we run the football club. All that will be forgotten on a Saturday when the team runs out but just because we are a solid business it doesn't mean we shouldn't still be aiming to improve all the time on and off the park.
  7. No matter how big a gulf there is between Celtic and Saints losing 7-0 is not acceptable. Tommy has had many chances to create and test a system to contain teams yet if anything we're getting worse. He seems to think sticking 11 men behind the ball is enough. To stay in the game against teams like Celtic you need to press, hassle and win the ball back. You need to get the team up the pitch and give the defenders a rest. You need to have an outball. Losing by anything more than 3 or 4 is piss poor at our level. He's done a great job reducing the age of the team but he's ripped the heart and desire to win out of it. This is a team of heartless cowards now. When was the last time we won a game from behind?
  8. Right. Got to be excited about first game of the season so here goes. 1-0 Saints. Clark Foster Kerr Vihmann Tanser Maclean Kennedy Craig Davidson Swanson MOH
  9. Broon

    Euro Memories

    It's that time of year again when all those fantastic Euro memories are popping up on our timelines on Social Media. Given this year instead of defeating the likes of Rosenborg in Norway we're getting pumped of Montrose and everyone is feeling a bit low I think it's time to relive some of those great moments. So, what was your highlights? Here's my Top 3. 1. Piano Bar. Nobody expected us to get anything from Rosenborg. The Rosenborg fans didn't bother to turn up, we were treated like all the other diddies they have to face in the early stages each year. There were a few highlights, the march to the game, the goal, the final whistle but nothing topped that night in the Piano bar. Best. Night. Ever. No hangover has been worth it like that one. 2. Lucerne. What a stunning place to play a game of football. The gods were kind to us with that draw. Lucerne is still one of the most beautiful places I've been. On top, a great game, a not so great game against their supporters in the 35C heat and beers on padalo on the Lake. Brilliant. 3. Eskisehirspor fans. Gathering in that first bar on the first day I'll admit I was nervous as the Turkish locals started to surround the pub. The horror stories about stabbings and violence at Football games in Turkey. Nothing could have prepared us for what a single song of "Sit down if you hate Dundee" could do to turn an atmosphere around. Turned into a brilliant trip and met some great people. The Football was brutal and if you looked back on that starting 11 you'll cringe but the experience of the Turkish fans was something you wont forget. Loved it. Go for it - what was yours?
  10. I wonder if Brown and Wright have any idea that the comments they make in media about cuts, exceeding budgets, trimming the squad, cutting our cloth etc come across as negative and have an impact on fan morale? The fans know this and don't need to be told. A few simple "We have a few targets and we're working hard to improve the squad"comments would have been fine. But when you are walking into the 1st game of the season with a tiny squad and 13 fit players to come away with crap like the budgets spent and we need to sell is utterly mind blowing. Even when we do something great we don't really promote it well. Absolutely no doubting Brown runs the club well and agree it's a tough job. Would I want a change of owner? Absolutely not. Would I want him to improve a few things around communication/PR and fan engagement? 100% yes.
  11. Hardly a stupid question. Rather than responding like a t*** why not just answer the question? What I'm guessing you're trying to say is things are better now than before Geoff. Of course they are. Steve Brown is obviously financially astute and runs the business side well. Clearly he can balance the books but is his style of leadership pushing us on as a Football club? Are we in an upward trajectory? Football is a fans business. Does he care about fan engagement? Are we as a club doing enough to attract crowds and entertain? To promote the product? Is the overall experience of going to McDiarmid good? Undoubtedly Saints focus a lot on our class leading hospitality and events at the stadium and it's a good earner. We clearly promote this in the business circles. Do we focus the same on the regular punters? How's the PR and marketing? These are all valid questions and just because things are better than the time 33 years ago when we were shiter than shite and about to go bust doesn't give them a free pass forever. If you stop pushing on the only direction you'll go is backwards.
  12. Simple question. Is he doing a good job since he took over from his old man? Are we heading in the right direction under his stewardship?
  13. Broon

    Jason Kerr

    Watched McKenna again last night. No way is he better than Kerr. I've never seen him play well, don't get the hype at all.
  14. Broon

    Season Tickets

    The e-ticketing is a welcome move forward. Would be interesting to understand how they will implement a few things. At the moment I have my boy on my season ticket - I assume he'll get a separate card or will my card allow two admissions? If I decide to bring my other kid along will I need to print off / download a ticket for her in advance even though she's under 12 or will they be let through? You'd think eventually we'll want to be turnstile operator free so you wonder how they will manage the free entry for u12s.
  15. True, but on the flip side we're still playing the same style of football that leans towards a forward who's good in the air. All of our creativity is in wide areas and putting balls in the box. Now if we could find a central midfielder who can take the ball in, drive forward and pick passes and strikers with good movement then I'm with you. Otherwise we're stuck between two styles.