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  1. Dinnae see how no, he was daft enough tae take the Coagies gig
  2. I heard Callum was getting the gig. :-)
  3. We hae a database? I'm bound tae be on it so I'll try that. And it's The rangers, they died, stop pretending they didnae.
  4. If one bad performance means yer teas oot, how many folk on here wuid be single? Nae excuses though we were gash and got what we deserved fae the game.
  5. Mischling members you mean? Plenty supported but were never afforded full membership.The 5 points excluded them from that.
  6. There were black guys in the N.F. and the B.M. back in the 70's , early 80's,
  7. Aye it was and one occasion nae mair than 10-15 feet from the lino shocking officiating even by spfl standards. Maybe trying tae make the jags v **** ref and linos look competent.
  8. Foderingham got 9/10? For what? An e.glish zibby malkovsky (sp) a bombscare. Agree would hae alan or zander well afore him. In fact would put in the young fellae Sinclair rather than him.
  9. You don't go with the " he was living off the money from Derby Co. " spiel then? :-)
  10. Was thinking on getting the choo choo for this game but dinnae really fancy the climb up the Hilltoon tae get tae Whites Bar. Same team as last game (awright Muzz?) and hope the Coagies havnie got their shit the gither yet. Saintees win. And Coagies no scum Shibby they're no ****. :-)
  11. No I'm one of these people who believes a race is a race and a faith is a faith. And I don't feel the need to mix them up or make out that they are the same. Nor do I need any instruction on it from T'internet as I have years of first hand experience to draw upon.
  12. The implication that it is a *** v *** issue is probably a deliberate ploy by the SFA. I for one have no love for either cheek of the arse that was the Old Firm so as long as they can portray it as such it keeps us the fans divided on the issue. Just have a peek on .net after the hibs statement.
  13. I was under the impression that the SPFL have backed calls for an independent judicial review. It's just the arse covering SFA that are using the LNS decision to block any further action.
  14. He's their manager no their coach driver.
  15. The Mainly Maybe Squad? Still see a few knocking about, some even still go to games.
  16. Just finished reading on that. He's upset Kenny Miller as well in the process he'll have to go now
  17. Even the great unwashed have figured this out now. Methinks they would love to have kept a manager who got them promoted out of the championship, had them 2-3 in the premier but couldnae beat Hibernian in the cup games. Careful what ye wish for eh?