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    been a few places in my time, now working in Iraq but live in Stanley.
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    Stanley & Atrush, Kurdistan
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    Red wine, chillin, Terry Pratchett books
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    Construction HSE Manager
  1. Wee Nige is signing today according to the BBC
  2. everything is blocked by the work here, no sport, gambling associated sites or anything else remotely entertaining, thats why I can still get on here.....
  3. Superb updates guys thanks, lets hope the second half is as good
  4. How big is the crowd? Did we get the 9000 figure that was hoped
  5. Keep the updates coming during the game guys....PLEASE.
  6. Got mine today in the post...awfy excited
  7. A wee trip to Switzerland is fine. Pity I go back to work 2 day before the home leg.....
  8. I only manage about 6-8 games a season, would never give up my ticket though....
  9. Nige did have a slip on the East side later on in the game, I did notice that we did not water the pitch prior to kick off or at half time...too many bairns in the centre circle.
  10. I thought he had a very solid game last night, well worth Tommy taking a punt on him. I hope we see a lot more of him next season
  11. great result, we have to build on this high we are on and maintain it to the end of the season
  12. Travelling from Iraq to see the game..ok, it happens when I am home for 26 days but technically it is to see the footie