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  1. Having seen the footage of the incident in question I am going to say this, Never a Red card and never A PK. If anything a caution for Sinclair for Simulation
  2. Its not the SNP that are screwing Scotland, its the westminster Tories
  3. The huge that was displayed at the cup final can some one advise me who made please May be able to put a bit of work his/her way Thank you
  4. what a Blinkered attitude These men and women fought to allow you the freedom you enjoy today Get that attitude sorted out, These ladies and gentlemen deserve your respect
  5. Hoodlum65, what the &&&& you on about ????????
  6. A Bruce Fummey Live show is always worth seeing Seen a few in my time
  7. Can confirm this as True as I spoke with Al & Nic Main the last time Al was Home and he confirmed he was working Offshore
  8. The compliance officer needs to start looking at his role and define it to the Clubs & Fans its a joke
  9. Not everyday this will Happen Rik M8 But I Tend to Agree
  10. Are you delusional???? Or Just misguided???????
  11. If you take a walk down florence place from either end you will find out that it now has housing on it
  13. what good would any disruptive action do??? If push comes to shove (which think it will) we need to be measured in our support of our Club I am all for some sort of protest at the councils stance on this matter and if its done in a peaceful manner, it will have my backing
  14. I Note another Multi-storey car park as part of the new devlopment Perth already has 2 why build another 1
  15. Thats as Maybe, however to enjoy the highs you need to experience the lows. If and when the times turn bad, that is the time to look back on the highs with pride
  16. There is always one with a sense of humour when there is a serious point made
  17. Well done to the club for The supoprt which they have given to Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance Given the Callsign Helimed76,the aircraft has flown over 600 time critical missions for almost 51,000 miles since launch in may 2013 The website for SCaa can be found on the link below As a SCAA supporter I would encourage anyone to help keep Helimed76 in the air and saving lifes
  18. Me Behave, I dont know the meaning of that word
  19. cant see him going to celtic as utd wont want to sell him to a SPFL Rival
  20. Surely if Kano was going out on loan AGAIN we would have seen it on OS first