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  1. Agree about Danny, but he had mental issues which made him less than perfect.....
  2. Think Callum has a right problem on his hands, in sense of transfer strategy. Hendry is one that excites me- bit of a McCoist. Not got height, but knows where the net is. I'd like him to get more starts. Stevie is a strange one. Not a winger, i don't think he's a main striker. He's best suited inbetween. MOH isn't a striker. I think we need a creative midfielder + winger. Problem for CD is he's got a lot of options. Does he go for experience or youth? There will be some talented kids released. And some 31 yr olds. Personally, I prefer a 4-4-2. May in a free role, Hendry up front. Just need a midfielder, because Muzz gets stuffed every season, Craig isn't getting younger. I also think SB has appointed the best coaching staff. Rooney will be great, McCart is class. Just that midfield....
  3. Fuq it, just get points
  4. No it doesn't. Players need to reach at least 80% match fitness before contact training, otherwise they risk injuries. Give them hell up kinnoull hill for a week & they'll be right
  5. I like Macca.... intelligent football brain... like Craig. I like the management team.
  6. Not bothered about a player from Torquay. Nice place. But Basil Faulty. Said it previously that Saints would have a management team in place within 10 days. SB may have his detractors, but you can't have a club without management. Interesting if McLean can give Kane a few tips. And hendry. And May. Nice juxtaposition of defense & attack coaches. Feel a bit sorry for Cleland, but life is life. I reckon we'll go for 2 players, winger & midfielder.
  7. Anyone else that's decent we can pillage from ICT? In fact, make that Div 1. Saints and a few other Premier teams could get some real bargains as clubs struggle to stay fulltime/ exist.
  8. He's doing it. Next stop probably china. After a few clubs.
  9. Good news!!!! I'm not personally bothered by Wright leaving. Good player, expensive and an injury liability. Saints need club players, not journeyman cash hungry players. Obviously we need a manager ASAP to shore things up.
  10. You may be onto something. The SPFL have to maintain some decorum for stability. I fear Hearts will stay up, and some league changes within 2 seasons. Budge wins.....
  11. Happy to get rid of Drey... like Kennedy. And we saved money. Move a money grabbing shite.
  12. Naw, hes better than the 'Tic. But you're onto it....