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  1. CD naturally giving nothing away, so I don't think that we'll get a great deal more info. We know who the 4 were, so they should be available for the final, and those that could play v Tic, probably left out as a precaution. Folk have noted Zander & Gordon had injuries, so maybe that stopped them being named. Which leaves a further 2. All sounds a bit last minute, which is a worry. We can but guess and hope 5 or so players available for Livi. Training is the issue now.
  2. Don't think Zander will be rested, unless he's had a reaction. Think Bryson out, Middleton in, who knows about May/ Craig. Reckon CD will play a fairly strong XI so we don't get royally pumped & knacker GD. Then use subs liberally from 62nd minute.
  3. Yes, noticed that. Hopefully none printed yet. Failing that, a bit of fancy stitchwork required fae yer gran....
  4. It'd be a very easy choice if I had the opportunity... It's a one-off, lifetime situation- make that a one-off 137-year situation, regardless of result. And if Saints win, would you really want to say to great-grandkids (or whatever), "nah, didn't go, preferred to get smashed in Davie's front room"??? I'm sure it would be a great session with friends/ family, but to me it would be madness to turn down such an offer. 90 minutes (or however long) to potentially see the greatest day in Saints history?????
  5. Early-mid 80's was particularly Chernobyl.
  6. A lot will depend on the number of tickets released (assuming the SFA agree to any fans). If, say, 7,500 were released for Saints & 7,500 for Hibs, then that would cover Saints obligation to Sponsors' & season ticket holders, plus a few thousand general. But that is pure speculation, and still won't keep everyone happy. If Hibs were to get a bigger allocation, then shit would hit the fan (even though they have much bigger season ticket holders), and then there is the scalping thing. I have no doubt Saints fans would fork out £5k for a ticket (maybe more), and even matching a season ticket number to a final ticket, people would get round that.
  7. Absolutely. But Celtic arguably have the least to play for. Just pride. If Brown nails any of our players.....
  8. Problem with that is, let's say someone is under 30, bought a season ticket all their adult life, before that their dad did. Discriminates in favour of "Bert, the 80 yr old". Nothing against "Bert", but whichever way you look at it, people are going to be p*ssed off.... A no-win
  9. Cherry bank, owned by ex Saints player. Sounds like the go.unfortunately 11,500 miles away for me....
  10. Best 50th ever....... I'm struggling after many years of watching dire, soul destroying fitba', always having to explain to ... Everyone that I don't follow either of the uglies just because I'm Scottish..... Now faced with Saints being a "fashionable" team. Unreal...
  11. Can't see it, but stranger things have happened. Even if Hibs if sell Nisbet for £xyz (whatever the press make up) they'll need to fork out to replace him. Kerr moving to Hibs would be a waste of his career. He'd be there for 3 years doing stuff all, making Europe, & going out. Could only see him in England.
  12. It is incredibly frustrating, but rules are rules (uglies excepted). I don't know the ins and outs, but I thought the whole point of vaccination was to stop the spread? And I assume the players have had 2? Anyway, hope it gives the players even more desire (as if needed) to get a win for their team mates.