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  1. Aha! A great alternative to Saints TV, which I haven't got yet due to time difference, as I'll be camping down the coast. Commentary on standard FM/MW Radio Scotland?
  2. Yes, I got the bloody "Alan Storrar Cars" top for Christmas as well!!! Well meant, & thanks to Alan for sponsoring... But it's foul. Saints Scottish Cup Winners 2014 t-shirt for me!!!!
  3. I'd rather have Hamilton last tbh, in the hope that they're already relegated. Ross, though will be well up after H"n win. I think we'll get 5 points.
  4. No doubt that he has made a big contribution to us getting to the final. However (there is always a "however" with Zander), I am concerned that may he have one of his indecisive "moments", away with the fairies & it proves pivotal in a defeat, then forget "confidence shot". More like, "shifted on asap". He will cop more shit than Hiroshima & Nagasaki combined. Plays a decent/ good game, then we can rightly praise him to the hilt. A lot hinges on his performance on Sunday.
  5. That, my friend, is not a good thought in my head.
  6. In fairness, didn't see that angle, just when the camera was on him lining up after his goal. Guess it's difficult to go mental when there's empty stands...
  7. So... A long week ahead... Spoony (???)& Davidson hopefully will make it, don't see much in Davidson not on bench. If he's 90%, no point. Another week & he's right. Christ only knows how CD will line up. Looks like MOH & May on bench (not bad subs), god knows about the formation from 3-4-2-1, 3-4-1-2, 4-4-2. Midfield & upfront could have any shape. Not only CD's problem, but Livi's too. Be interesting what injuries both sides have by Sunday...
  8. Thought Craig's shot that hit the bar crossed the line... Some miss from Rooney- mind you he has said heading goals is his weak point (??????). Really worried about Mel's future... Don't get me wrong, he's been a missing link up front, good workrate, runs to right areas, & confident. Personally, I'd love to see him sign- fricking Killie etc will be sniffing around. But... and a major issue- he doesn't look happy. Maybe he's homesick, Covid etc. He scores a beauty and his face is just... Vague. Bad sign IMO. Now CD has a major final dilemma.. start him? Would that not only give us a major goal threat, but may persuade him to sign? (If we win). Great win-.
  9. I wonder if he'll give MOH, May a good run, Davidson 25 mins. Def Mel upfront.
  10. All depends on who the ugly sisters are playing...
  11. That's because their ad breaks feature schoolgirls sucking lollipops....
  12. No, I confess that I don't follow games not involving Saints. But they have been annoyingly in the league too long. Apart from the 5-3. So that is my sole reason.
  13. I think we'll be alright. It's been quite a close season for results, lots of draws. I think we'll get somewhere around the 40. Not so sure about Killie being in the crap zone. TW factor. He'll grind out 1-0, or draws. Still Hamilton favourite for drop. Ross play-off, which they'll probably win. Incidentally, any decent Div 1 players we could realistically approach, or all on contracts? ICT was great for us.