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  1. This is an interesting one, given that there were a few injuries prior to the break. Can't see CD breaking up May/Kane, midfield? A few injuries hopefully to be cleared up, but I'm sure the older ones will gain from this. Defence, against Livi, if Gordon is close to fitness, but clearly low on match time, he still has to play. Doubts over a few in midfield, but assuming fit to play, So... Clarke Ambrose,-Gordon,-McCart Rooney- MOH Midfield is very interesting... Crawford (?) Wotherspoon- McPherson(?) Kane- May That's attacking. We should go for that, injuries/ fitness permitting Pretty exciting lineup.
  2. Brilliant line up. Was always a fan of Davie Irons, great player.
  3. It's interesting, given our success over the past decade, that no club out with the OF has been more successful. No club has had a decent run in Europe. So players can't say "it's a step up in my career"- in Scotland at least. English Championship is a step up, but it's a nightmare in that league to be promoted. What does make the difference is £££. I can't blame McCart signing for anyone if his wages are going to be significantly higher. He's been terrific for us & good around the club. I do hope he goes down south though.
  4. Hearts signed a very good midfielder, 22yr old Baningime from Everton. It can be done. It just takes a lot of cash, which Hearts seem to think they have. Baningime is a shoe in to be signed by one of the Uglies in the next 12 months.
  5. That's a tsunami of contracts to be worked on. CD will want things tied up pretty quickly. But then there's the agent factor.
  6. Yes he's not a loan, but if he keeps up his form, I've no doubt we'd be looking for an extension.
  7. Alrighty, we've rolled into October and the next 12 weeks will potentially see a bit more action. If previous interest in Rooney & McCart is continued, then we'll face the likelihood of a PCA situation. They could also sign a contract extension, but we'll see. Of the loanees I expect CD to want permanent contracts for Devine, McPherson, Crawford ... maybe Ambrose? He stated as much in the aftermath of the last window that offering contracts was a priority & move away from loans. Should Rooney & McCart go (and I would expect a fairly early offer from Hibs/whomever). Our dude assigned to identifying players will have had enough time to identify defenders. Ambrose may be offered another year at season's end, but we'll need a left sided CD. I wouldn't be surprised if the shortbread tin is opened for an experienced player there. So, I expect movement in defence. Midfield is quite reasonable. If McPherson & Crawford sign up, Bryson leaves (will Craig too?) in the summer. We have Muzz, Gilmour, Ballantyne & Max. I would expect Ballantyne, Gilmour & Max to aim to challenge for a jersey. Next season is very important for them if they have a future with Saints. I think we will need a strong defensive midfielder and wouldn't be surprised if that is on our list either in January, or summer window.
  8. Take it that was McLean? Anyway, if what you say has substance, then it sounds like "this is the st.johnstone way. If you don't fit, forget it". Fair enough. Let's just hope he takes whatever advice was given, knuckles down and pushes on in training. Callum has instilled a very strict ethos in the group which is the reason we can cover for injuries/ players leaving.
  9. He's 21. He probably needs to focus on getting into the PNE starting XI than NI.
  10. Yup. I believe they measure it and 3-4 sub-par performance = either time out (for really crap performance) or other divisions for more average crapness. They have a few of ref assessors who stooge around at games too...
  11. It doesn't work that way. Away teams still bear some responsibility for the actions of their fans. We regularly bill the Uglies for seat replacement. We'll get a fine, especially as Griffiths' looks like he'll cop some form of punishment.
  12. Whether you like it or not, football fans do not pay attention to a conviction (or not) in a court of law. (Many rapists get off on technicalities for example). I'm not condoning it, but fans will always go for that sort of stuff. The worst I've heard is chanting to a player who's father was terminally ill with cancer. That to me is a no go area.
  13. That's a bit rough on kane. I thought he had a decent enough game. As for May, you would hope a substitute at 67mins (or whatever it was), with fresh legs- against a tiring defence would offer something new- that's in part what subs are for. The injuries aren't welcome, but that's life. As a squad, Saints have so far proven that we can lose a few and it's given CD a chance to put players such as Brown and Crawford right in it. To think that for the Scum game we were missing Muzz, McPhee, Bryson - and I'll add Gilmour as he can't be match fit, is quite impressive for Saints. Then there's Ballantyne to hopefully get a 30 minute run soon. Vertainen must be raring to go...