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  1. Aha!!!! It's time for Saints to invoke their "Freedom of Perth" status and make it full house.
  2. Thanks for that. Quite a surreal experience. Most posters seem pretty dejected & are predicting a loss. Admittedly they know absolutely nothing about us, but seem very deflated. They're most worried about their midfield, especially Berkan, who may not be fit. Best quote I could find was: "I guess they're playing triple defense. Our twats will be challenged."
  3. That is concerning on so many levels. But I like it. Eetu, if you're reading, Blueheaven offers tailored guided tours in the Highland wilderness.
  4. Need to get some info from the Eses coaches....
  5. Indeed! Just saying it's not a great draw. Mind you, compared to Galatasaray, I'd imagine it's slightly easier playing Vienna.
  6. That's a bit shit. LASK are very decent, noticed they recently drew with Rapid Vienna in their league. Perennial qualifiers in European comps, will know their stuff, be very organised in that Germanic manner. Hope Vojvodina get up over them, but unlikely.
  7. They were certainly well drilled at the back and their wingback covering Rooney pretty well. Hendry didn't get a sniff in. On Saints tactics, it looks like there's a clear instruction to fire in a fast, low cross from wide, inbetween the goalie & defence coming back. Makes sense, using MOH's pace, or anyone out wide. Dangerous ball, difficult for defenders to deal with as risks an og or deflection in. Unfortunately, of the 5 occasions we did this, we didn't have players close enough (although Liam had a half chance). Looks a tactic (McLean written all over it) that will benefit Kane as he naturally gets right in that zone.
  8. Fair point. No-one has said he's shite and useless, he had a poor game by his standards and hopefully he'll put in a better shift on Thursday, admittedly against opposition that could completely roll us in midfield. I don't believe having an opinion regarding a "darling" player's performance in a game should be met with such bristled responses, but hey, it's opinions. I thought Spoony and Muzz did more in the game, McCann didn't, or couldn't, contribute in the way we'd have liked, and I suspect he'd admit that too. Once Spoony was moved into a more central position in the 2nd, we looked much more threatening going forward & Callachan was subdued (or knackered).
  9. In fairness County's start to the season has been affected by their Covid outbreak, resulting in 2 games forfeited & more importantly, training disrupted for a period. So, it's pretty even.
  10. Thought McCann was weakest in midfield (pen miss not included. With it, pish). Game seemed to pass him by & had trouble with Callachan. Devine was okay. Kerr, Spoony and especially MOH decent shift. 2 points clearly dropped.
  11. Pretty dull first half. Midfield having difficulty linking with front 2. Lucky not to be 1 down. Mikey putting in a shift, but not much service. Callachan seems to be everywhere for County
  12. Interesting line up..... C'mon saints Fae a fricking quarantine hotel in Melbourne!
  13. Th He should be due out of quarantine Monday (?). It'll be interesting if he's a loan signing or permanent....