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  1. Jeez... that's massive. Mostly youngsters? Poor lads. When this all shakes out there will be a massive amount of players lost to the game.
  2. Not so sure how it will work... of course she'll be heavily involved on the numbers side, but it will most definitely be SB's call.
  3. Because (despite what SB said "no rush"), which he has to say, we need to appoint our preferred manager- be it Callum/Robertson/whomever, pretty quickly. Callum knows the system /squad etc, but question marks if he'll come. Even if he does, clubs will be actively sounding at players as we speak. We'd look a bit daft approaching agents/players (or agents approaching us) if we don't have a confirmed manager. I wouldn't take a job without knowing who my boss was. So I'd expect something next week. That's us almost into June.
  4. Yes, sign of a top notch centre back. In my mind, barring injuries, a future Scotland player. Lucky to have him.
  5. Yup. Callum has stated that he's happy there, continuing to learn etc. Wouldn't be surprised if SB has made him an offer which would make him the highest paid Saints manager by quite a margin. We'll know in a week. The Robertson angle must be a backup choice. Sure, there's the Hearts angle, & Stendel's apparent release clause, but hearts are caught up in their psychadelic league re-construction legal action. Apparently. I wouldn't have an issue appointing Robertson, does well, maybe Hearts, or whomever come sniffing after 2-3 years. Same goes for Callum at the end of the day. One question I'd like to ask TW is was he ever approached/applied for a role at another club in his 7 years?
  6. Interesting... but I'd say no. He certainly has a fairly impressive CV from the outside, but have no idea as to the all important Broonie requirement... spending within our means.
  7. I would expect an announcement in the next 10 days or so. If Callum turns it down, that would leave Robertson (if Hearts don't make a move), Cleland. Wonder who Cleland would have as assistant? Having Cleland sort out releasing players doesn't necessarily mean much, it has to be done, and no surprises in who's left. Saints would need a Manager in place for new signings. A lot of players claim that the vision and passion of managers influence their decision to join. Cleland would send me to a comatose state.
  8. Just out of interest, would Dundee Utd be the club we've signed most of our decent players from? Obviously the Sturrock link had a massive effect.
  9. No surprise Holt released. Think there will be a raft of players getting dumped by Championship/ Div 1 clubs in England. For once it's clubs who have the upperhand in contract negotiations. A lot of players with no clubs to match their wage demands.... think it will play into the hands of clubs such as ourselves, Hibs, Midden, Killie etc...
  10. So.... when does transfer window open? Same as usual? I'd expect a fair few out of contract/released signings. Doubt we'd pay much in the way of fees, unless there's a bargain to be had because a club is doing a fire sale....
  11. Has 6th been officially confirmed? Nice to see the SFA handing out the dosh "as quickly as possible ". Budge will waste more money going legal. Accept you're in Div1, splashed the cash in January & now royally stuffed financially. Actually detest Hearts more than the Arabs. Just.
  12. Indeed. In fairness, the SFA are really in a tough spot. Closed door games are too expensive to run, so that's out. See the English 2nd Div has ruled it out on that basis and are pushing to close the season on a points-per-game basis. I'm sure the SFA will be looking closely at that and if it does conclude, may be the extra impetus for the SFA to follow suit. The league reconstruction is just madness. A desperate ploy on the back of COVID. If Sevco came up with a balanced financial projection for a 14 team league, that benefits all clubs, then fine. But they can't, because there is no commercial upside. TV/ commercial deals won't increase. They're stuffed. They can't get into English league- say Championship, the stupid Euro Div 2 plan was daft. So, I hope English Div 2 do close the season. Gives the SFA a precedent.
  13. You can either screen share (it's on settings on your tv), and will pop up on your tablet/phone, hit connect & voila! Most smart tv's have inbuilt browser- obviously as long as you've got wifi....
  14. If true, has to be Callum.
  15. What's the pandemic got to do with an announcement? Can easily organise a press conference- with distancing.
  16. I'd love to see the projected financial impact of a 14-team league for all clubs. It has obviously been done. I doubt it would be beneficial to wee clubs. Just seems a ploy by Tarts possibly Hamilton to avoid relegation. Still don't understand fully why Sevco are so hot on it. Interested if any other leagues say "season is over", positions stand. I know Bundesliga & Serie A are due to resume, but has any league actually pulled the pin?
  17. Melbourne Saint


    Can't see how Saints would consider a plastic/hybrid pitch in this current economic situation. It would be financial madness. SB doesn't do that. It's just going to be a nice new grass pitch. End of story.
  18. Fair enough to ask the question, but I dare say they felt that TW'S mind was made up. We all know he's a stubborn codger, and a decision that he'd obviously been thinking about for a while. I don't think Saints could've persuaded him in any way. The debate will no doubt rumble on, and that irks me somewhat. I'd far rather look forward, and whoever gets the gig has big shoes to fill. Let's hope if future results don't go his way, there's not a chorus of "hate KR, it's her fault Tommy left". There's no proof! Remember in November, a lot of ppl were questioning TW. I think TW felt he'd taken the club as far as he could and needed a break. I think the time was right for TW to leave. Head held high, held in highest esteem by the fans.
  19. His time had come. We must accept that. Pointing fingers at KR is in my opinion wrong, until proven otherwise. Give her a chance... as for May, the offers were muddled by Vine. It was an exceptional circumstance, and we had to let players go to balance the books once again. So there is a budget framework.
  20. Melbourne Saint


    Indeed. Saints would probably delay putting in an artificial pitch as the heated blanket was put in relatively recently. There's a lot of research/arguments about the effect of artificial pitches on players health, but I'm sure with technology it will be pretty safe in the years to come.
  21. Agree. Same in Australia, and it works well. May as well have a league with just Sevco & Celtic. They obviously wouldn't agree to it, but a small-ish reduction in payment would make the league more interesting.
  22. We're right in the middle of it, along with the other 5 clubs. Rangers* will no doubt wheel out the revenue they provide to home teams etc and they fact the Sky contract relies on them. It would be interesting if the SFA looked at how prize money was distributed. In some leagues, lower ranked teams can marginally benefit from finishing lower down the league- not by much, so as to avoid "tanking", but just taking a relatively small amount away from top 3 and distributing to bottom six.
  23. On the flip side, it's all unsubstantiated speculation. We won't budge on our salary cap/ signings (for good reason), so no sweetner there. Don't know what salary TW was on, maybe could've increased it- maybe we did make a revised offer. But what is stated as fact, is it's personal reasons. If the next manager turns out to be mince, those that say the club "could've done more to keep TW" are talking out their arse. His time had come, he left for personal reasons. End of.
  24. Melbourne Saint


    I was under the impression that a fair amount of postponements were not due to the pitch, but for safety issues to the public? Anyway, I'm not against a plastic pitch either. Stops us moaning about unfair advantage to Hamilton/ Livi/ Killie. Players tend not to like it, but I'm sure they'd prefer it to a rugby pitch.
  25. Melbourne Saint


    Agree... why are there so many conspiracy theories against KR? Plastic pitch? TW's resignation? Selling Saints? COVID 19? All because of her Killie link. If it was a plastic pitch, it'd be SB's call. But I think it's just being re-laid. TW left for personal reasons. SB would've been well aware of her Killie time, and appointed her on her merits as a financial controller. SB is no fool.