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  1. The same from me, good luck to everyone who is going. Gutted i'm not going but the wedding has taken priority. Hope you all have a great time and all come back in one piece
  2. The draw is made on the 25th of June but all we will know is that it's one of two teams. We won't know for sure until the 1st round is complete which is the 12th of July. That gives us only 1 week if our away leg is the 19th of July, all going to be a bit last minute
  3. I'm getting the train through about 12:00, i'll be in the poly at the back of 1, see you there.
  4. Marc needs to get his priorities in order Don't mind going in goal, a few years since i played there but why not, hope the knees hold up to diving about.
  5. Free ticket for you mate courtesy of The courier. Ryan's not going so it's yours if you want it.
  6. Shut it you I'm being a realist. If we qualify, knowing my luck the away leg will be the 26th and i'm getting married on the 28th. Don't think it would go down well if I was away to the likes of Russia 2 days before the wedding. Would be better for me if we failed to qualify and left it till next year
  7. So who's heading up tomorrow? Anyone going for a pint in the 208 before it?
  8. I'm driving up to Perth early to look at kilts, get some murrays pies then heading up to the 208 for a few pints before the game.
  9. Cheeky bugger!!! I've got a wedding and new house to save up for