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  1. We were unlucky in several aspects 1) Ando sending off - harsh - how from 30 yds your stopping a goal scoring opportunity I don't know. 2) We took the foot of the gas at 3-1 should have buried them! 3) we let ourselves down at 3-1 as and put pressure on Mannus 4) looks a serious one for muzz, possibly career threat wi op tonight or tomorrow 5) surely when Mannus goes we should have hooked a midfield to go in the sticks so at least we have a defence to mark up. 6) Keeper done an excellent job all afternoon - sending was by letter of the law correct but unfortunate when your opposition is battering your team mate
  2. I know it's been discussed but I genuinely think Greig Wylde would have done a trick , disappointed that he went to the fake saints
  3. When do we think our semi tickets will be available ?
  4. Thank you so much how much do you wish for this and also how I go about delivery
  5. Good morning my Lords,Ladies and Gentleman. I am appealing to your better nature here, this was my first ever saints game and wondered if anyone had this programme, it's one of the ones where it was a Caricature of a first team member every week. I can't spend a lot on this but your help would be received with a heart felt and genuine thanks. Drop us a line please