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    humpin the Dee!
  1. I’ve been away for work and missed the ticket office today, does any one know if it’s open in the morning? Or anyone with 2 now not going?
  2. pitsjfc


    Shocking decision from the club ! It's like they don't want young supporters or any atmosphere ! Well unless it's west coast teams ! **** them , you can't stop ultras !
  3. pitsjfc


    Braw crack ! Same day that my grandads ashes are being scattered an plaque put up at the ground aswell.
  4. See sevco have sold out the away end for it aswell, getting tickets for it hadn't even crossed my mind yet. Hopefully take all 3 points off well an kick us onto a winning run for the festive fixtures!
  5. On them both, crazy odds, every other bookies has Ando at 10s an 12s, theyv got him 50/1 for first scorer too ! Both teams to score an saints was 9/1 aswell
  6. Was a braw win an looks like one of the best squads for a while with pace an skill an youth ! Still have no idea how Steven fletcher gets anywhere near the squad tho !
  7. Not the away end but there was a large group watching the game from the hill also with another banner
  8. Think it's clear to the club why they weren't there.
  9. Tickets sorted. once Celtic tickets sell out saints fans can still get tickets as longs as its a season ticket holder who gets them. Celtic will sell out today only a few left. Saints to do a Leicester ! 3-2
  10. The last game against Celtic I went to was on a Friday night an am pretty sure there was a cash gate as few of my friends came an had no tickets, not 100% though, usually have a season ticket but after missing out last season due to an unexpected holiday at Costa del Perth I didn't bother this year. I don't have a bank account to use, but think am in luck as the diggers broken down at work so am going to shoot down to Perth
  11. Is absolutely ridiculous from saints, so that means some saints fans are going to miss out on a virtually empty saints end. They didn't announce what was happening until Sunday night either, that's fine if your a knuckle dragging dole sponger from down the road but what about the working man. Football these days is a joke !
  12. Will there be a cash gate or tickets for saints end on sale on Saturday ? Cant get down to Perth for tickets.