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  1. I've lost track of which players are out on loan and where now. Does anyone have an up to date list?
  2. So, for the vast majority of us left behind, is there any chance of there being any sort of live coverage/updates of the game on Thursday?
  3. What a feckin draw though - 2,400 miles away, Surely this has to be longest 1st round trip there is?
  4. Sheep are off to Macedonia :-)
  5. Víkingur Reykjavík (Iceland): 1,800 capacity FK Jelgava (Latvia): 2,200 capacity FK Kukësi (Albania): 5,000 capacity Alashkert FC (Armenia) - Feck knows - stadium is being rebuilt! Odds BK (Norway): 12,500 capacity ... tickets may be severely limited for some venues!
  6. If we end up in Norway, watch out which Oslo Airports you are looking at Oslo Torp is 110km from Oslo but in generally the right direction, Oslo Rygge is 60km from Oslo in the wrong direction.
  7. 1st round draw confirmed for 12:00 UK Time on Monday
  8. Does anyone know what time the draw takes place on 22nd June?
  9. You fecking dancer!!! Europe here we come
  10. StSerfSaint


    Really hope they do something a bit different with the away strip this year, time to move away from the Eskişehirspor tributes. The 2015 Joma catalogue is available here if you want to guess which base kits they'll be using this year.
  11. What are the chances of there being a live video feed of this game available on-line? If not, is there likely to be full live commentary on any station?
  12. I'll probably have to watch the full 4 hours BBC Sportscene coverage... then possibly follow up with the Sportscene highlights
  13. Shocked before the kick-off. When did the fit the new scoreboard?
  14. Are these 'managers Messages' regular things? If so, where do they get posted?
  15. Great performances by the whole team last night. Sawnsons strike was superb, defence were solid and Manus made a few good saves. But Easton was my definite MOM. Some brilliant interlinking play and runs down the wing skinning the Septic players and feeding great balls into the box.
  16. I've lost track of injuries and suspensions. Who is likely to be missing for this one?
  17. Looks like it's on Sportsound 810 MW tonight (broadcasting from 18:10). Is it likely to be full live commentary?
  18. How about penalty kicks into the scoreboard. Hit it enough and the damn thing might spark back into life!
  19. Absolute crap today, out-paced and out-muscled for almost every ball. The day wasn't improved any by us being surrounded by Hamilton fan(nie)s in the Ormond Stand or by the Saints supporter back a few rows who thinks that preceding every shout out with a 'F***ing' is the ideal way to behave in the 'Family' stand.
  20. Decent draw and at home too... the cup top-up on my season ticket has not been completely wasted.
  22. Suffering from football deprivation, so taking the kids to see this one tonight. It will be interested to see if Muzz is getting a run out, or whether he is ready for the 1st team again.
  23. Yes, but we'll need it for a double