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  1. CLOUD 9! Making it hard for ourselves missing these pens!!! Another win though!! Get in! COYS
  2. Great 3rd win! Good to be among the 405 there tonight! Our defence was dogged and Watt and Kennedy both put in great shifts! COYS
  3. Piss poor tonight. Too many short passes and the shooting has been abysmal!
  4. daclanman

    Spare Ticket

    Spare ticket going. North stand 20 quid. Pm me
  5. Paulo! Well played with this! Going to be epic! 5 of us in section 444 will be with u Norwich! Won't let you down! Cannot WAIT! COYS
  6. 5 tickets booked for the FINAL... COYS

  7. 5 tickets booked over the phone this afternoon after trying a number of times on Wednesday and Thursday to get through to the ticket office! Top Class and canny WAIT! 2 weeks to go! 14k sold - how many more we going to get? Its going to be a great day!
  8. I concur with the addition montrosesaintee! Still buzzin and cant sleep! Stevie, Stevie May!
  9. Amazing day! The buzz once we scored our first was immense! That save from Mannus in the first half too - top class! Well played Saints! CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FINAL! COYS
  10. On the phone she said I had tickets in the new section. Getting them in the post tomorrow so will check exactly where they are then.
  11. Think we had around 4000 at Tynecastle... I got soaked
  12. Managed to get Sunday afternoon aff work! 5 tickets purchased! Cannot believe we have such a low amount of tickets sold. Semi final of the Scottish Cup! Due a final AND a win against the sheep! COYS
  13. Gutted! Dried off now tho! To lose a goal after 3 mins was so deflating. Then had good possession for quite a while. Wish crofty had finished that chance he had in the first half. Robson should have been sent off for 2nd yellow on stevie. What a different story it might have been... Aberdeen pretty clinical with their chances. Mackay defended poorly today I thought. Times where he didn't press the ball enough and let the likes of pawlett and hayes to run at him and into the box. Millar wasteful in possession a number of times. Big Paddy fan myself! Onwards and upwards now! Big Chris looked good! COYS