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  1. Stevie Evans the new Leeds boss. QUALITY!!!! :-)
  2. Was just gonna post something similar
  3. If he doesn't,that will be viewed as a success by me anyway
  4. I know some lads that are connected to Oakley United and I'm obviously looking out for the Perth teams results as well now. Think I might of posted something before but is there not a revised fixture list for the juniors. Can't really see up and coming games for any of the teams to maybe choose a game in the future.
  5. Yip ditto. Interestingly no one even applauded him coming on yesterday. Can't remember the last time a player was greeted like that.......playing for us.
  6. I thought the defence handled the aggressive opposition quite well Defensively the midfield were ok, attacking they did quite well creating numerous chances. Thought Cummins did well apart from his shooting. Macca was his usual self and Sutton, well??? I'm with Ghosty and going for Scoobs
  7. Lord only knows why 208 saints heading is there???
  8. How many times has he got to the by line and hit it into the 6 yard box with not only no saints connection but no ricochet from the opposition into the net.
  9. Not gonna get too upset with the result. A lack in concentration a couple of times in a half where we created enough chances to win a few games. Still thought we would claw the 2 goals back and if it wasn't for a horrendous decision from the officials we would of. I just don't know what to make of spoony. I know players can lose a bit of confidence but after the three games before, everyone must be buzzing. I don't know if he makes one mistake, he just doesn't recover but some of his decision making leaves a lot to be desired. He is much more affective playing the simple ball in my opinion but he's the type of player when on his game, you pay your money to watch. Lost count in the second half when he gave the ball away needlessly. Hopefully he gets back to his best before the manager loses patience with him.
  10. Gemma Fay was on Sportsound the other night commentating on the Glasgow City v Chelsea game. Very clued up on the game and also gave a big mention to her hometown team , the manager and her love of Dundee United
  11. There are a few decent players in Gordon Strachans squad so I wouldn't be that upset if he were to be called up .
  12. Was it just Del or are the whole team giving her one too?