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  1. We hear Bruce is going to be previewing his 2014 Edinburgh Fringe show in Perth at the Grampian Hotel, on Wednesday 30th July at 8.00pm. Tickets are just £5. If you fancy going to see him, try contacting radindyperth [at]
  2. @EdStar101 Thanks for your support. @Blueheaven A local historian has apparently speculated that Walter Scott may actually be indirectly responsible for the name of our team being "St Johnstone". While "St Johnstone"/"St Johnstoun" in reference to the name of the town/city predates Scott's novel (1828), the huge success of St Valentine's Day; or The Fair Maid of Perth brought the reference to much wider audience; so the theory goes that he may have inspired the naming of the cricket club that later became St Johnstone football club. Few realise that Scott also christened Perth as the "Fair City", since used by countless organisations and businesses in Perth over the years. Walter Scott's contribution and legacy in relation to Perth (perhaps even in the name of our team) is significantly underestimated.
  3. This Valentine's day, Made in Perth, is looking for Saints fans' support. There is a campaign underway to have Perth railway station renamed as 'Perth St Valentine', after the formal name, St Valentine's Day, given by Sir Walter Scott to the Waverley novel traditionally known as The Fair Maid of Perth. Perth owes a debt of gratitude to Scott whose romantic tale of fourteenth century Scotland, put the 'Fair City' on the map. The renaming of Perth railway station to Perth St Valentine (in the style of Edinburgh Waverley) would be a fitting tribute to one of Scotland's greatest novelists; it would add to the city's cultural heritage and provide an enduring legacy for the Perth economy, rail travel and tourism. Made in Perth has written to Network Rail who own Perth railway station and asked them to consider the rename as a tribute to Sir Walter Scott who christened the ‘Fair City’ of Perth. There is an online petition at (Rename Perth railway station ‘Perth St Valentine’) and it would be fantastic if Saints fans could sign the petition and share with as many family and friends as possible. Made in Perth is a charitable body, set up to promote arts, culture, ideas, and heritage in Perth ( You can find out more about the background to the campaign here: Thanks for your support!