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  1. Can you please check. Believe I should have got 5 points correct result and first scorer
  2. Disappointed Thomson not starting. Let's hope he gets at least half an hour.
  3. Still say Scottish Cup winning team best ever. Do not see the argument that this seasons team is the one and same. As soon as Dunne left it became a different team.
  4. I believe his semi final performance was not down to him but TW tactics. Play him through the middle against two big Centre Half's then punt high balls at him. after 10 mins everyone saw it was not working. Others games yes his performance was below par.
  5. I would rather we played Wotherspoon at right back and leave Fisher on the bench.
  6. Had my cup final breakfast two bacon and egg doublers and two mugs of coffee at Asda. Wearing my lucky cup final shirt now leaving for Edinburgh. COYS
  7. Just leaving well wrapped up looking forward to another semi final win. Lets get at them. COYS
  8. Any first team players getting a run out to improve their match fitness should they be needed due to injuries
  9. I agree with most that MOH should start and on the right. But will TW put him in the team. If TW thought his head was else where for a home game against Hamilton where will it be playing at Celtic park with over 40,000 hostiles roaring at him because he is linked with the Gers. I hope he plays he needs the match practice for the semi
  10. sorry to disappoint you no relation. I joned when I left the army and came home. I did a computer course before I left as I was not computer literate. Hence the timing of joining the site. I am sure many go for him in the predictor as he is one of our top scorers did not go for him this week as many have stated he has not been at his best. As for the 4 v 0 prediction. Nil for us as we have not scored in 5 games and 4 for them as I think we are struggling defensively. Also I am 9 points off the top and went for somthing different this time. Saturday also went for a draw for the first and it worked. As you have time on your hands if you check it is the first time I have predicted us to lose and I predicted wins against Celtic on all other occasions. I was going to ignore this comment but felt if I did it would only add fuel to the flames. Wish I was his father would be proud to have my son play for saints.
  11. leaving ourselves a bit short on strikers if MOH leaves an Sutton goes out on loan
  12. If TW dropped MOH because his head is not in the place because of transfer speculation what makes you think his head will be in a better place on Saturday. The same situation will exist thefore TW will not play him. I the does he is contradicting the decision he made yesterday. If MOH is our player on Saturday I expect him to be watching rather than playing.