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  1. Radio said 4.4.2 change 4.5.1 change 3 . 5.2 Billy Dodds i think it was
  2. Radio said we were 4.4.2 at ko Billy Dodds I think.
  3. Why be so confident about a formation (CD)3.5.2)and suddenly change to 4.4.2 today?
  4. So to all those wanting to change formation. 4.4.2 at kick off!How did it go ? Callum should have stayed with his beliefs.
  5. May was injured, and only just getting back to fitness, thats why he was on bench.
  6. I have run several supporters teams Never used 13
  7. They brought in McRory and Hoban I think that will be it .
  8. I've never known it at Saints, can't remember it at any other team .
  9. Welcome to Saints. I see he has been given 13 as number!Oh dear !Bad luck?,I dunno wouldn't be me . Can't remember anyone having 13 before. Has there been ?
  10. Another braw walk today to Glenfarg auld railway Tunnels and Buckie(No the Alkie pish that jakie chavs drink but the braes in Perth Braw views fae the top of the hill. Braw day with Magz and SLF Mon the C.M.I.A.W.walking group 22,000 odd steps on the step counter Then back the Dunny for bacon and egg Rolls at Magz Braw!!!!
  11. Who?And don't meen Dr Who? Or... You saying Far Far cops like a wee dram
  12. Forfar Cops are Far and Far apart it would appear although no Cops appeared LAUGH OUT LOUD LAUGH OUT LOUD LAUGH OUT LOUD LAUGH OUT LOUD maybe Mic gone ig all kens