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  1. CD in papers saying he would have to monitor Spoony very carefully as he didn't arrive back In Scotland until today He played last game because he slept on the plane On the injury front LG back in full training could make Celtic Bryson flying in training available tomorrow. Will never be able to Play Saturday Tuesday Saturday but CD points out he played 30 games last season Davidson similar McPherson could feature tomorrow Crawford could be ready for Celtic game MOH and Booth both knocks but should be OK for Livingston game Brown fit again and available for tomorrow
  2. I'm part of The Barossa St Saints supporters committee We are holding a meet and greet kind of thing on 13th November at the Club The 5 confirmed guest players are Davie Irons Danny Griffin Jim Weir Willie Brown and Ian Heddle Tickets are £10 available from bar Staff at the Club
  3. We were due to Play Rangers at Ibrox on the Saturday which is now postponed
  4. Some chunt in a jam jar shouted out to me one day on my bicycle whilst happily peddling along the New Row "Hey don't you know this road is one way?!!I may or may not have also been tiddly om Pom, I couldn't possibly admit to being in charge of a bicycle while under the influence though could I??lolo. Any way I shouted back "What's the.(.insert swear word of choice) problem pal?I'm only going (Insert a different sweary word)one way!!!!
  5. Some player that Sand Dancer! Did he no get done for to much bevvy and driving LAUGH OUT LOUD
  6. Sand Dancer you say!Did we no have some Spanish guy called that?Think he chased the so called blue pound then disappeared into oblivion The grass isn't always greener on the other side and certainly not at Tannadice
  7. Aye you need to draw a line In the sand...or is that just at Tannadice?
  8. Is that not the case in a lot of games v Rangers was heading for a draw at 0.0 ...or was it? we score they score..heading for a draw ..theu score..oooops.Thats how fitbaw works is it no??
  9. a work horse can cover the country miles