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  1. Drey Wright having a Medical at Easter Rd apparently.
  2. Hes hanging his boots up
  3. MacLean will be hanging his boots up .
  4. Its going to be CD as manager with MacLean and Clelland as joint First team coaches along with Mathers and one other already here but its not Maybury i don't think.
  5. Its going to be Steven MacLean
  6. Here is my take on the topic There has been no rush to appoint a manager both due to Covid and the need not to pay someone just now The manager will be appointed before the end of June It will be Callum Davidson.
  7. I don't agree with this cheap option Theory anyway whose to say what salary he will get. BUT....Who could blame anyone in this Covid age if that was the case Who would you expect?Sir Alex??
  8. More likely to be East end of Glasgow if is auld man has any influence.
  9. Craig, Booth and Kane have extended till January
  10. Seriously doubt it