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  1. According to person I called to sort tickets for myself and mate all of the East West and Ormond are Sold out I'm also an East end ST holder Firstly tried to get East. then Ormond and finally West Only option left was North Stand
  2. I don't think so,not the way I read it anyway
  3. The letter with ST says every game free on Saints TV
  4. 1 Rangers:I think they will win the League but it will be tight but if Gerard gets poached to go to England that might change 2 Celtic:Big Ange needs to get of to a flying start to compete or they might be looking at 3rd 3 Hibs:My worry for them is Jack Ross but they should run Aberdeen all the way again for 3rd 4 Aberdeen:Not much between Hibs and Aberdeen 5 St.Johnstone:If we can keep this squad together we could be looking up the way and give Hibs and Aberdeen a test 6 St.Mirren:Good signings ,they might finally get top 6 dream 7 Hearts:Should be too strong for all the teams below them in my order 8 Dundee:I think the could challenge for top 6 but just miss out 9 Motherwell:The odd balls for me and could just as easily be near the bottom as I'm just not sure about Alexander, a bad start and he could be the first managerial casualty 10 Dundee Utd :Will definitely be safe but not sure how a rocky manager gets on in his first season. They look to be a bit more attractive up front than the boring stuff Melon played 11 Ross County:Don't think Malky will last the season and think they will struggle from the off 12 Livingston:This will be Martidales Swan song season and punted before Christmas and never seen again
  5. apparently one is Middleton and the other is a Rangers loan as well
  6. wonder if one of them will be Middleton?
  7. Red white and blue hope not EVER
  8. most probably!Does Stevie wear it as well?
  9. Is the Club shop open!?or do we just carry waiting months and paying 5quid odd for postage
  10. Stevie May has changed to No 7
  11. heard we bear Stenhousemuir 6.1 today