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  1. I'm not a fan of statues and some times they can be ridiculous,look at Fulham for good example of that For me Willie Ormond still out ranks Tommy Wright because competition was far superior then and Saints did incrediblely well under Ormond and he has a stand already I might change my opinion on a stand for Tommy at a later date,I think they need to have passed away though,but then factor in Callum Davidson winning the Cup in his first season!Does he get a stand as well? I would probably rather these achievements were recognised in a similar way as Campbell as in a Suite So no Statues for me Jury out on stands Imagine if this success rate continues and other managers come in and win things!!!!
  2. Imagine sticking stickers on things!What grown adult does that?LAUGH OUT LOUD
  3. They were examples of the type of Club we are and the willingness of players to go the long haul You could add Chris Millar Dave McKay Jim Weir Roddy Grant (2 spells)to the list Saints are a very good example of players being happy to re sign again due to stability Very little transition every season while other Clubs are sliding doors
  4. I think you also need to factor in the fact that Saints are a well run Club and you will get paid every month I'm not saying the will but it wouldn't be a surprise to see the likes of Gordon McCart Rooney and a few others becoming career Saints You only need to look at M Davidson Craig Wotherspoon and the list previous for evidence of this McCann and Kerr are slightly different but at the same point other teams have to want them and players need to be happy to move to that particular Club and good fit Danny Griffin is a good example being Driven to Derby for a 1.5 Million move and he didn't fancy it We are a more established Premier League team now than we were then when DG was edged out to Dundee Utd so you never know.. Contact negotiation take so long though because agents sit on them even if a player has said he is happy to stay at Saints and a verbal agreement is made ,but the agent fannies about in the hope of getting more money or another team to temp the player away Eventually it gets to the point where the contract is actually signed and announced Recent carry ons with Joe the Throw and Stevie May are typical example of Agent being dicks(I hate agents) for that reason
  5. I would like to think we are at Least looking at most of them
  6. Ok here goes Now I have no idea of contract situations but watch a lot of Championship games on Fridays and those players have stood out for me ,are the right age and I think could step up in position we need to fill Basically a raid on Inverness and Raith Rovers with some others 1/Daniel Mackay 19 Winger ICT 2/Nikolay Todorov 24 Forward IT 3/Cameron Harper 19 Winger ICT 4/Regan Tumilty 24 Right Back Raith Rovers 5/Daniel Armstrong 23 Winger Raith Rovers 6/Regan Hendry 23 Midfield Raith Rovers 6/Lewis Vaughan 25 Forward Raith Rovers 7/Kai Kennedy 19 Left Wing Raith Rovers on loan from Rangers 8 LukeMcGowan 23 Midfielder 42 games 10 goals Ayr Utd 9 /Conor Shields 23 Forward Queen Of The South Throw in as cover and challenge first team keeper 10 Owan Fon Williams Goal ICT
  7. Personally wouldn't want most of them we couldn't afford Murphy or Jones There are a few in Scottish Championship I'll do some research on checking names again that I wouldn't much rather see us trying to sign
  8. I'm not overly disappointed with Today's result. But(I'll come back to the but!) The defence have been terrific this season and Today's goal was avoidable and the game was always going to go to the team that scored first, just happened to be Aberdeen who are hard to play against when they take a lead I don't think it was the correct decision to go one up front today but that formation has seen us win games 3.0 so can't argue with the idea We have secured top six ,still in the Scottish Cup and won the League Cup Now the but.....We have scored 8(Eight)goals at home Something needs to be sorted in that department for next season as 8 goals at home is not good enough.
  9. Wrong!He is employed by Raith Rovers and NOT unemployed so empty the cheap option theory.
  10. Callum Davidson wants him. Most tabloids saying he is being offered pre season contract at Saints Wouldn't be my cup of tea but trust Callum D knows what he's doing,if true
  11. Big article about Middleton in Sunday Mail Open to loan return to Saints and loves it here