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  1. What I have noticed they are very fit and play with a lot of energy. When they are in attack they get plenty players in the opposing teams box. In midfield they seem to outnumber the opposition, same in defence. In short they look as if they are playing with two extra players. I don’t think that they have any real star players, competent yes but no individual to be frightened of. I wonder if teams think that they should beat them and don’t give them enough respect, so play into their hands. I will leave it up to Callum to decide what tactics to use in both games.
  2. Derek McInnes is no dummy so would not be taking Callum Hendry if he didn’t rate him. I am disappointed that he has left, but glad it’s just a loan deal. As I would be sick as a parrot if he starts scoring goals and we had let him go for free. I remember reading that Willie Cunningham said he tricked Bobby Brown when signing Alex Ferguson from Saints in swap for Dan Maclindon , by mentioning other players first then saying oh well I would take Ferguson then as if he was doing Saints a favour. The upshot of this was he seemed to score against us every time we played Dunfermline including a hat trick at Muirton. Then sold to Rangers for £66,000. Dan Maclindon scored Saints goal in 9 - 1 defeat to Rangers then a few weeks later transferred to Partick Thistle..
  3. Neil Diamond on singing Sweet Caroline BBC 4 how can we lose.
  4. For a Saturday afternoon match the under soil heating would have to be switched on at the latest onThursday morning, when it is an on going cold spell. The problem is that frost penetrates slowly deeper into the ground. The temperature from 22nd December to Saturday had been below zero almost every night and not much above freezing everyday, with Friday night being about -8c. The under soil heating gives a very gentle heat as not to damage the grass roots. So if the ground is frozen below the surface down to heating system it is a slow process to reach and defrost the surface. As for rescheduling the game for 5pm the temperature was only 2c at that time so a decision would have had to be made by say 3pm as whether the match is on. Which is unlikely as you would need a temperature of about +6c to have a significant thaw.
  5. I know Derek McInnes is an ex player and manager of Saints but I find him quite objectionable. His comments on Sportscene how the penalty was justified because it was handball before, when it was obvious it was never a hand ball. Could he not have just said we were lucky to get the decision..In the cup semi final he moaned on about Saints equaliser as he wanted a foul for a high boot. In the new Saints book Derek McInnes is rated above Paul Sturrock and Alex Totten , how I don’t know. As for Alan Muir the referee smirking away after he had given the penalty, no wonder players loose the rag Saints had a good claim for a penalty when Ash Taylor bundled Liam Gordon over at a corner but as others have said our players aren’t vocal enough. I have been going to see Saints for over sixty years and the one thing that would put me off is is the standard of refereeing . To sum it up I really grudge the money paid to other clubs when I feel we are blatantly cheated. So I suppose the answer is don’t give them the cash to make them stronger and pay for referees who are weak human beings.
  6. There’s far too many changes, a manager should know what his best player is for each position. I doubt if any fan could guess what the team selection is for any game of the season. People will argue that it is the modern way of squad rotation. That is fine if you have twenty odd great players. We often seem to do better when we are down to the bare minimum with injuries and suspensions. You should try and play your best players, the ones that the opposing team know are good and are frightened of, not leave them on the bench. On Saturday we coped with Connolly very well he goes off we take Wetherspoon off and McAllister runs riot on our left side. Has anyone else noticed we seem to do better when Murray Davidson is out injured, not that I think he is a bad player and am always disappointed when he gets injured. But allot of our good runs of results seem to coincide with him being injured. As for tonight there were spells in the match when we played not too bad. Callum is maybe playing all the right players but not necessarily in the right places. Anyway to all Saints fans have a Merry Christmas and remember we have had worse teams and worse times.
  7. New Biography for Christmas. Neil Lennon Celtic Manager. By Willie Last
  8. I’m sorry to hear of his death, Jim Townsend is a player that I remember well. Signed from Port Glasgow Athletic in 1961 at the age of Sixteen after impressing in the Saints reserves made his debut in a 1-0 win against Partick Thistle 7/4/62 retained his place for the final two games of the season a win over Third Lanark 2-1 and the defeat by Dundee which relegated us . He starred the following season in the Second Division scoring 11 goals and helping Saints reach the League Cup Semifinal and winning the Second Division Championship. In season 1963-1964 he was first choice right half until his transfer to Middlesbrough for £20,000 in February a record transfer fee for the club. Jim played in some memorable matches for Saints fans of that era including the 4-1 League Cup quarter final win over Q.O.S., the 5-5 comeback draw against Stenhousemuir and the 1963 Christmas victory over Rangers. He returned to St. Johnstone in the Summer of 1966 after two and half seasons at Middlesbrough making 67 appearances for them and scoring 6 goals, the fee for him was £9,000.. At this time he still is only 21, a far cry from today’s Saints youngsters. Highlights of that season for him was a great goal against Rangers in 1-1 draw at Muirton, the 5-2 Christmas Eve win at Easter Road and also played in Fred Aitken’s first match and John Kilgannon’s last game. He was also picked for a Scotland XI squad which toured the Far East, Australia and Canada at the end of 66/67 season, winning all 9 games. Bye this time he was a Hearts player, sold for £20,000 just before the seasons end. I was really disappointed at losing what I thought was our best player, however we needed the money. Jim Townsend was a stylish creative midfielder who could also tackle and would walk into our present team. Thanks Jim for all tha memories a true St. Johnstone Legend ’
  9. All games on Friday night to give Scotland more time to prepare for their match on Thursday night. Might be better for Saints financially if game is not on Sky as I think they would be able to show the match on Saints TV and charge £17 to Celtic supporters. So could be worth a considerable amount of money.
  10. Aberdeen Aberdeen cannae keep to Quarantine !
  11. Tony Watt at Mcdiarmid Park Now apparently.
  12. What a difference Callum Hendry makes when he comes on. It should be one of Saints priorities to sign him on a longer contract. I think the manager has his favourites and not sure if Callum is one of them.
  13. Must be a Water Polo internationalist.
  14. This reminds me of when I was at school and it was suggested that we would should start a penny a week fund for Saints to buy Jimmy Jack from Arbroath. At school you were supposed to bring in a penny every week which I think was either for the school or donated to charity. This was the Penny A Week Fund where the idea came from.