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  1. Sorry I took this topic a bit off it's original thread about fee's, I will try and find out but can't see the info. being forthcoming, after leaving his club, my Son's team have dived I'm afraid, hopefully they are up for revival but? Up here in the North East, you don't really have club affiliations until at least u16s, one of the negatives of living in the region I suppose? Not sure if I think younger lads being tied to certain clubs at such a young age is a good thing though? I have been doing this now for 8 years, a hell of a lot changes in that time, stick to your guns and do what is best for your child? A happy child is more important than anything else in my eyes!
  2. Thanks folks, what will be will be, as long as he's happy, all he wants to do is play football, a lot of fingers in a lot of pies at the moment, new beginnings
  3. Right folks, just want to say all the best for the Saints for the future, I was so happy for you all on Saturday, Champion's !! Unfortunately for us, Josh has chosen to leave St Johnstone, after a period of uncertainty, and where it looks like the face didn't fit, we have bowed out with dignity, many thanks peeps, and all the best for the Saints for the future #COYS
  4. I think the 14s are playing tomorrow, sunday 11th at 12
  5. 13s played on Mcdiarmid today, 17s playing Alloa Sunday 11th at 2pm, 14s are playing Hutchie Vale but still waiting to find out when, all games on the pitch, lads are well chuffed
  6. Game is on Tuesday, on the pitch at Mcdiarmid, 6.30 kick off, opposition unknown
  7. Andy the U15's are to have a game sometime next week at Mcdiarmid, playing on the pitch I believe, opposition unknown at the moment, game was supposed to be Saturday but was cancelled? Don't know why! As Josh has had exams, he hasn't been to training for a few weeks, if you would like to know about the game, let me know and I will update you, would be nice to have an different set of eyes watching, team is not what it started off as, next few weeks will be interesting to see who makes the big step up, no guarantee's in life, as long as he plays with a smile, I'll be happy, what will be will be
  8. If memory serves me right, I don't think the player was named, I'm sure Tommy said something along the lines of possibly another, or words to that effect? Glad the field turf is getting updated, can only be a positive for the club as it can be utilised by players right through from Youth to the first team, save vital money getting spent at other facilities, it is not the greatest surface to be playing on at the moment I'm afraid, but the future is looking positive!
  9. I was going to mention the Barossa Street Saints, but you can't mention one sponsor without another, I know I said thank's to you as we made you leap up from your seats during the mass exodus, it is appreciated folks! Many thanks!!
  10. The U15s season is now over, all be it for friendlies, Josh was invited to trial for Afc at U10, so happy it never worked out, he chose to turn them down at U13, U14 & U15, along with my backing (his Mum ) He didn't like their pro-youth set up,he also trialled with another pro club, and living in Aberdeen was the negative factor in that case and, although his season has been blighted by injury, we would still make the same choices all over again!
  11. Hi there, You won't see me pop on this forum a lot, but I just thought I would say what a fantastic evening Saint's put on for the Youth Academy this evening at Perth Concert Hall, from the U11s up through to the U17s, every player was acknowledged by a wonderful turn out from the Club. From the Chairman Steve Brown, Manager Tommy Wright, Asst Callum Davidson, players Stevie May and David Wotherspoon, Alex Cleland, Peter Loudon and Paul Smith, and various sponsors, this was a wonderful acknowledgment for the lads, with just enough seriousness, motivation and sense of humour that makes it all worth while for parents like me, it's not always easy travelling the distances we do, nights like this make you remember why you do it #COYS!! Thanks
  12. Kacper is a quality player, a real asset to the U15s team ,he's an intelligent player, who performs well in defence, not my place to say if he was chosen or not, he was the only player from the UK to get through to this process, up against some hefty opposition
  13. Tranmere Saintee, as his Mum, I know where you come from, he never has needed sleep at night, he doesn't struggle to get up, and today, he got plenty sleep in the car in our 5+ hour return journey to Inverness, we were just intrigued to find his name being mentioned on the thread. I am unsure if any fees were ever paid to Dyce, they will certainly accept any money should Josh ever make it though, there are no guarantees in life! The whole physical education, nutrition thing needs looked into in schools, I'm not sure if any child ever receives enough P.E., especially at primary school age, it is a big issue. Saints have let Josh continue play for his school, but do have concerns when injuries crop up, it's a case of trying to find a balance and using common sense, he can be a target for some people unfortunately, and for that reason I try and attend all non Saints games, the traveling to all Saints games is something I just can't do, as a non driver, I rely on a friend for help, and we all know petrol's not cheap!