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  1. nazi's nazi/s everywhere, as this belter pensioner from letham has spotted
  2. my uncle worked there,it is mill st, it's where the back of m&s is now
  3. who the f*ck is he? mon saints, 1 more goal to top the spl again
  4. I can remember when we used to beat thistle 3 or 4 nil in pretty much every game for years, can we go back to that frame of mind please?
  5. So who are the teams that are gonna come racing out the starting blocks? Hibs are looking strong and the team that gets promoted up to the spl usually do well in the first round of fixtures. anybody else?
  6. this link works although im listening to radio scotland and they are about 30 secs ahead
  7. rumour has it, the game might be streamed on you-tube
  8. they are raving about Oscar Dorley on the radio, seemed to be involved in everything Trakai did. Maybe Tommy should try and sign him? sounds shit hot for an 18 yr old
  9. radio link- 0-1 though
  10. This is old news to us daily star readers reported two weeks ago, please keep up t*ts ooooooot
  11. Think her name was Fran or Francis, but we used to call her Val seeing as she seemed like she was on valium a lot of the time
  12. are you a newspaper snob and you're saying i've wasted 30p? Scougal has signed, the star does not lie. T*ts oooooooot
  13. I read that aswell, think it was Tuesdays star, then i come on here and nothing mentioned which i found a bit weird and wondered if i imagined it ,,,,,,,, glad someone else saw it.