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  1. Shit ground. One I am glad to be too far from. Norwich to Beach end.....not worth it. Am expecting a loss but also a wee suspicion they think they deserve to beat us. While the players might not take us for granted the fans will. Quiet stadium = less than frantic game and we'll sneak away with 1 nil win!
  2. Just brilliant. For having put up with Utd fans believing they have some sort of superiority over the rest of Tayside and beyond, go feck yerself ! For all us 70s - 80s Saintees......oh how sweet!!
  3. There is no debate, for those able think outside the box. Of course safe standing. I know the German league has been given as an example all too often but enough, think of the risk taken in so many aspects of life even now and we are still debating whether it's logical to confirm a few hundred to a thousand soles can stand to watch a sporting event, when the vast amount of sporting events global wide are viewed by standing spectators shows and often with much more risk, how ridiculous has this issue has become. To reiterate...yes!
  4. No idea, just impressed we now seem to have a group of dedicated folk willing to give time to mark another big day at McD. For the youngsters in the Ormand it must be great to look across at the East and want to be part of one day. All helps!
  5. You tried?!!!! Didn't want to risk a virus!
  6. Agreed. To have that alternative threat going forward from open play, not only set pieces when Ando lumbers forward, is something to look forward to. One today are he's here to stay, in folklore at least!! Go on son....
  7. Without doubt the bar has been raised and the best bit, it looks like it's there to stay. I didn't realise that a display had been arranged for today. It is great to see that this type of effort has been continued. This effort is exactly what is needed and is what adds to the match day experience. It raises the profile of the club publicly and without doubt will entice along the footballing fan craving some 'atmosphere' as well as a game of football. Long may it continue and, appreciating that those responsible have been well thanked through various posts already, I simply offer a massive 'here here' to those responsible for giving McD it's mojo back, or for finding it depending on your view point! And to any sceptic or media person willing to suggest there's no atmosphere in Perth, roll along today. The East stand will lead the way.....
  8. To all saintees able to attend today......enjoy. I've a feeling I'm going to miss a cracker. So tempted to travel up but not to be this time. Finding it hard to bring myself to login to Dundee FC to potentially join their forum in order to watch the live stream! Sing yer hearts out boys and girls......let's show Tayside who's top dog, again!!
  9. Was so incensed that I posted on Pie and bovril tonight for first time just to make the same point..... How can officials be so consistent in making such bad decisions for every non-old firm team when playing against 'them', and for so long? Can't be bothered to re-type what I put on P&B and not sure how to copy now it's posted but this, in my opinion, has gone on for far far too long and depressingly, looks unlikely to change. I suggest that many footballing fans in Scotland are frustrated and bored of supporting a team who play in a small league where the bias is more apparent than any other I can think of. Just how deep rooted is this issue and where does it stop? Or is it that our love for our team and the game blinds us from the fact Scottish football is rotten to the core.
  10. Packed, scarf on top of pile for the 7.43pm twirl! Away for some shut eye. Up at 5am to start journey to the fine city of perth. If I don't see ya, hope to hear ya. Sorry, it can and does frequently actually get worse!
  11. If you're a snob fae Abernethy! Otherwise 'Come on YE Saints' will do just fine thank you sir!
  12. Appreciate the insight Sabo, thanks. You're research of us amounts to more than I have found out about Trnava, so I may be speaking from a comparatively blinkered view point. Your comments are fair and have served to wet the appetite. I hope your manager also assumes we have little else to offer than kick and rush! While openly conceding that many on the continent appear to have better technical ability, this in my mind underplays that we also have some good and technically capable players. Living in England i put up with many who assume that the only decent team in Scotland is celtic, so no apology needed! You have an excuse at least, the lot I put up with are just......well that's for another forum. If Trnava are a fit as you suggest AND you enjoyed an extra weekend of rest, we are in for some show. I hope it's still a contest for next weeks game......would hate you to have nothing to play for especially with you having to make that journey to your second home! COYS
  13. It's a strange one. Many reasons already said mean there is less likely to be quite the same anticipation leading up to tomorrow's game, first leg etc etc I do hope that come the moment of decision, most fans from last week realise this is just as big a game and could lead to something that, with the calibre of teams waiting in first round proper, will surpass anything we have ever experienced in Europe or at home for that matter. Won't tempt fate or start getting carried away, I just hope most Perth folk who attended last week realise how crucial tomorrow is and just what it could lead to. The players have consistently said how much the fans have played their part, let's not stop just because we've been a bit spoilt in recent times. Get along to McD tomorrow and sing yer heart out for the boys......
  14. Card display will happen again sometime and rightly so, fantastic efforts thus far. Flags looked brilliant in Swiss end last Thursday. Definitely an option for a future game. For this Thursday, given limited time, can we not all just do a massive scarf twirl starting a couple of minutes before ko. It's simple, looks great as we saw on 17th, and no planning required. East stand boys, please start with drum if it's there and let the rest of us follow on and get it going right round the ground......or down the whole of East stand at least.
  15. Will probably not be in perth in time, but great idea. Hope the folk of perth swell the coffers with a healthy turn out.