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  1. Also got space if anyone needs a last minute lift from Meadows area.
  2. Having just spent May in Prishtina I would love for that tie to happen. Not the nicest on the eye but cheap beer, friendly people and very reachable via easyjet filghts (albeit with a stopover) and a wee bus trip north as their stadium in Prishtina is currently underconstruction. However this is Kosovo's first foray into European football and the standard there is horrendous so looks like Sweden if we can take out the Lithuanians.
  3. Due to Saints not winning a major trophy for 5 months I have left Scotland to join Avram Grants' Trophy Train in Thailand. I am therefore reapplying for membership to the Worldwide Saints Fans/Saints In Exile/ Lads on Tour/ Saints Glory Hunters. Anyone with any advice or tips for watching Saints/SPFL/Scotland games in Bangkok? Regarding Saints form - Panic Level: We won the Scottish Cup.
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_UEFA_Europa_League_Final "The Europa League Final will be played at the Stadion Narodowy in Warsaw, Poland on 27 May 2015."
  5. 4450 miles completed to rural Perthshire without a hitch so far. Just the 70 or so tomorrow to my brothers in Glasgow and I'll be there! Cracking effort by all those on this thread but I echo the thoughts of others in saying that the guys who are there every week are the real heroes (or lucky ones!). There will be a fair few Rwandans who have never heard of Scotland looking out for our result on Saturday as well. Possible pre-season tour destination next year?...
  6. Just got my Rwanda flag - feel free to shout Glory Hunter style abuse if you see me!
  7. I've no doubt that will be the hardest leg of the journey. Likely go like clockwork until I try to get the 57 bus Perth-Blair on the Sunday...
  8. Plan has worked! Kigali, Entebbe, Amsterdam, then into Glasgow on the 14th and will be in Scotland until the Parade/Wake on Sunday at least. This is going to be fantastic whatever the outcome. The countdown begins!
  9. Currently working on a plan to get from Musanze (Northern Rwanda) to Parkhead via Kigali and Amsterdam.