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  1. Friends from Spain , Hercules from Alicante. Great weekend with the lads from the Curva sur.
  2. Never made the game fortunately. Out with the lads for Souters 50th
  3. We couldn’t pass wind last night . Tanser and Foster were as bad in the last third as I’ve seen them
  4. Love this and it’s every saints fan’s wet dream
  5. I remember the same thing happening with some Dutch guys a couple of years ago . Ended up they were what they said they were and had a great day watching the Sainteees!!
  6. Box striker , what about 51 year old Paul Wright ....... still looking like a fresh 70 year old
  7. I thought McCann was a shite pundit and just brought that shitery to his management .
  8. Selling a red white and blue scarf for a friend , anyone with money to burn
  9. Feel the same as Kyle , everyone not only wants the ball but is comfortable with it . Also how strong was the bench . Going to Ibrox for the first time since the cup game we were beaten 2-0 and we had the whole of the bottom of the Broomloan. Refused to give them any money but It’s one of only about 3 grounds left in Scotland I’ve never seen us win . Its The Pet Shop Boys Making All The Noise !!!
  10. Seemingly ........... it’s not fashionable to have a keeper as a manager . Who cares !!
  11. I thought we needed time to adjust to the pitch . The first goal the ball bobbled away from Muzz in the middle of the park and there were a few times the ball speeded up or slowed down when it wouldn’t of on grass . First half Drey went on a run and didn’t really get a great cross and a Forfar fan next to me said “ can’t deliver a fish supper “ . I just waited my time when he was being subbed to say “ Maybe can’t deliver a fish supper but he’s some football player” Great find and both him and Edwards look match fit unlike Swanson and a few other signings in the past . Already know of a few lads that are going to Killie , who haven’t been going of late , that are excited by the injection of youth , pace and ability in the squad . Bring on the pie men
  12. Its the animal that it is. It's gonna benefit some and hamper others. I've never looked further than 2 or 3 weeks to plan anything regarding saints.
  13. So it's not just on here. You do know if you've paid good money you can shout whatever you want.
  14. Prefer going to Dingwall where they put you all together as apposed to Inverness and you're all spread out. Atmosphere is always better
  15. Sorry Lark but Rik is having a joke with you.....even I recognise his wit
  16. Chris Burke has just signed for County. One Martin Hardie!!!
  17. Quite a few getting the train for this. Bring us back 3 points please
  18. It's a wonder Swanson was able to walk off at the end of the game considering the amount of late challenges on him 2nd half
  19. Dave says PACK rule and if you want to have a go at the UNITY, it's through him first
  20. Just like some on here, the police know they're an easy target. Had to laugh at the grown men in the Aberdeen end challenging them to fight. 90% of them are still at school.
  21. You should of seen my comments that were deleted, they were worse, apparently