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  1. I'm sure sjfc will be fine about it, it's not even saints colours
  2. I don't understand what may get a ban or not means. Are you saying that you don't know if it's homophobic or not. Surely I don't know if it's a boy or a girl because they're using a different name. Calling a girl a knob jockey isn't homophobic is it.
  3. Omg Scott Mann will be having palpitations sending you photos of the eses tribute strip to see if it's the right shade of red
  4. Can someone remind me the perth pack jumper montages in saints colours?
  5. Can't wait on you so here it is. Actually a well thought out scarf, probably more thought out than the saints strip. Scarf and a hat in saints colours
  6. Who said it was the saints colour, you said it was black the young lad said it was blue. Honestly, you need to go and look at in the flesh then you'll see why it's the colour it is. I can say honestly that you can have my car and house if the scarf isn't saints colours but you have to apologise on here if I'm right
  7. Does it bother you that it's not the colour you want it to be. Go and make one yourself if it's bothering you that much. How old are you for Christ's sake.
  8. Rumours ( mostly bullsh!t) transfers ( for 2 months of the year) and gossip ( more bullsh!t about how they don't rate a player or they're favourite player didn't wave to them in the warm up) Great crack and all hiding behind a false name. It used to be quite good, in fact informative......now it's way behind in saints related items and just an ego boost for folk that are as funny as a funeral.
  9. Why anyone uses this site anymore is beyond me. It's full of cretins that are more interested in their own self importance than the club they claim to support. Then there's the ones that don't even support saints who feel the need to get involved in everything cause they've been wronged on here in the past. It's not even kids, it's grown men......****ing sados
  10. I've just asked my 9 year old what colour it is and he said it's blue. I said sure it's not black and he replied whoever said it's black obviously didn't go to school. Or is just looking for an argument over **** all
  11. They are quality. I remember saints had silk scarves in the 80s. Young lad loves his and the t-shirt oldermoresensiblepack
  12. You have to love the police. Rather than contain them on one bus and keep an eye on them, they'll be going up on different buses and going up in cars which makes it more difficult to police. You wonder how any crimes are actually solved.
  13. Just a suggestion but try and get as far up the stand as possible. You'll get more of the stand joining in. If you sit down the front or off to the bottom corner it'll end up just you lads singing
  14. Don't see why we should accept yellow cards and risk players missing vital games when other teams are appealing them for the same offences and getting them overturned.
  15. Swithering whether to go or not as I'll not be at Hamilton and probably not county.
  16. Great effort again today. The team help too.
  17. Hopefully a huge turn out tomorrow and let's get the east stand rocking
  18. He's not Mostovoi though, is he!!!
  19. I was gonna mention Arran's t shirt on Saturday but you looked pretty annoyed so just left it
  20. Tbh I know we played pretty p!sh on Saturday but we were only a couple of minutes away from taking a point, when we really didn't deserve anything. Remember Robbo scoring with a header late on to rescue a point up there a few seasons ago which pushed us onto a top 6 place and Europe again. Still a bit p!ssed off about the u12 s ticket situation and the water from the kiosk during the first half. Think that'll be my last trip up there for a very long time.
  21. The person ejected the most times in one game was Wee Hodgie against Dundee United in the early 80 s Think it was 6 and paid to get back in 7
  22. Pretty sure Coulson can play up top too. I'm sure Swanson could play in the hole if needed. We had this so called unrest a few seasons ago and it turned out to be sh!te. I'm pretty sure if we had a couple of strikers in our radar we were put off by over the top demands that Brown or Wright were not prepared to meet. Nothing has changed at the club, theres not been an explosion of cash that's been invested. We have a budget still and we won't be deviating from it. The Brad situation is strange but he hasn't been released for no reason. Whether we find out is another thing.